Fisherman who asked Duterte in 2016 debate says President a 'joke'

MANILA, Philippines – The fisherman who asked President Rodrigo Duterte during the 2016 Presidential debate about his stand on the West Philippine Sea said they feel bad that his answer turned out to be a "joke."

Fisherman who asked Duterte in 2016 debate says President a 'joke'
Carlo Montehermozo felt disappointed that Duterte did not fulfill his promise to them | Screenshot: PiliPinas Debates 2016 via ABS-CBN News YouTube video

Carlo Montehermozo was the fisherman who stood up during the debate and asked Duterte on his possible action to help the fisherfolk and make the Chinese vessels leave in the West Philippine Sea. He admitted that he voted for Duterte during the election and he felt disappointed that his answer to him was not true.

"Kaming mga mangingisda dito, masama ang loob namin. Ba't gano'n lang, joke joke lang 'yong sinabi niya sa akin noon?" Montehermozo told TeleRadyo.

"Joke joke lang din siya naging presidente natin," he later added.

Montehermozo said he felt deceived by Duterte and that he didn't fulfill his promise to them.

"Kahit 'yong hindi nakakapunta ng Scarborough [Shoal], kahit 'yong hindi pa nakarating, sinasabi sa'kin na, 'Wala na. Nag-uulyanin na talaga 'yong Presidente natin," he said.

"Nagpangako siya ng gano'n tapos hindi niya tinupad," he added.

Montehermozo also couldn't help but comment on the President calling those who believed in him back then as "stupid."

"Hindi akong istupidong tao," Montehermozo clarified.

Montehermozo realized how it's important to choose wisely and advised the public to be more discerning in the upcoming 2022 elections. "Pag-isipan na lang mabuti kung sino talaga 'yong makakatulong talaga sa atin, sa ating mga kababayan," he said.

With Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte leading the 2022 presidential polls, Montehermozo was asked if he would vote for another Duterte next time. He answered that he would rather not.

"Iba nalang siguro. Ibang presidente nalang. 'Pag Duterte naman, gano'n lang din. Kung ano ang puno, siya ang bunga ng mangga," the fisherman explained.

Earlier, Duterte said that his remark that he would jetski to the disputed territory and mark our Philippine flag was just a campaign joke. He also called those who believed in his remark as stupid.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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