Buknoy trends anew for alleged accusations against Awra, Vice-Ion in viral video

MANILA, Philippines – Vlogger Buknoy Glamurr became a trending topic on Sunday morning after he allegedly dropped revelations against celebrities Awra Briguela, Vice Ganda and Ion Perez.

Buknoy trends anew Awra, Vice and Ion

Social media went abuzz after a TikTok live video of Gabo Adeva, a friend of Buknoy. In the viral clip, Gabo can be seen talking to someone not seen in the video. He claims to be talking to Awra and asked him controversial questions about Vice and Ion's relationship.

UPDATE: Talent agency apologizes, sanctions Buknoy and Gabo

Netizens were quick to point out that the person claiming to be Awra was actually Andrew Luis Lapid, popularly known as Buknoy, who went viral last year after he belittled a passing tricycle driver in his vlog.

Photos of Buknoy with Gabo behind the scenes of the filming of the video surfaced online.

Buknoy poses next to Gabo
Buknoy poses next to Gabo allegedly before/after the filming of the live video | Photo Courtesy: Twitter

Gabo first asked ‘Awra’, "Bakit ka nga ba nalaos?" To which he answered, "Ķasi nga 'di ba si Meme Vice binitawan na ako."

Much to the surprise of the viewers, the ‘Awra’ made a comment about Vice. He said, "Akala mo naman mamahalin siya ni Ion."

More accusations surfaced as ‘Awra’ claimed Ion was actually in a secret relationship with Awra. Adding fuel to the fire, he even went on to claim that Awra had an illicit experience with Ion.

"Pineperahan lang siya," the one claiming to be Awra said.

Gabo prodded further, "So, Awra bakit ka binitawan ni Meme Vice?"

"Malamang dahil ako ang gusto ni Ion, hindi siya," the "Awra" claimed.

Gabo went on to ask something already between him and Ion, to which he replied, "Oo, doon sa dressing room number 5."

The TikToker asked, "'Di ka naman na konsensya, Awra?" and got an answer of "Hindi."

The video clip has been shared online by netizens that earned reactions from netizens. While many said that the video was clearly just a joke, many also warned Buknoy against legal cases that may be filed against them.

A netizen tweeted, "Actually 3 kaso ni buknoy. First is crime of identity theft, second was Cyber Libel and lastly defamation. All the statements that Buknoy made while reenacting as Awra that will be proven as a false accusation will lead to strong evidence that Buknoy harmed the artist's reputation."

Another also tweeted the alleged reaction of Vice on the issue.

A netizen also said that Vice shouldn't shrug off this issue and teach Bukno a lesson instead. She tweeted, "Seriously hindi to dapat palampasin. this is not just a petty twitter fight. this is SLANDER and if you truly care about vice, ion, and/or awra, you will take the proper action against this. hindi lang siya nagpapapansin, what buknoy did damages the artists and their reputation."

Meanwhile, here's a video clip of the livestream of Gabo.

Possible slander case?

Slander is a legal term for oral or spoken defamation. It can be filed against anyone for the act of harming a person's reputation by telling one or more other people something that is untrue and damaging about that person.

Under the revised penal code of the Philippines, these are the elements of an oral defamation.
  • there must be an imputation of a crime, or of a vice or defect, real or imaginary, or any act, omission, status or circumstances
  • made orally
  • publicly
  • and maliciously
  • directed to a natural or juridical person, or one who is dead
  • which tends to cause dishonor, discredit or contempt of the person defamed.

One of the slander cases in the Philippine showbiz is when Liz Uy sued Fashion Pulis blogger Michael Sy Lim. Liz filed cases of online libel and grave slander with pleas for damages amounting to P11 million at the Makati Prosecutor’s Office.

Liz stated how Michael made “false and malicious” social media posts about the outfits of Maine Mendoza, whom she was styling.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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