Talent agency apologizes, sanctions Buknoy for spreading gossip about Vice-Ion, Awra

MANILA, Philippines – The talent agency that manages Buknoy Glamurrr has issued its official statement following their artist's controversial video.

The Star Image Artist Management didn't let the latest fiasco involving Buknoy be swept under the rug. According to them, Buknoy will have to face sanctions for his "irresponsible actions" including suspension and a hefty fine of P100,000.

Buknoy and Gabo were in tears | Screenshot: Facebook/Star Image Artist Management

Earlier, Buknoy became a trending topic after he pretended to be "Awra" Briguela in a TikTok livestream of Gabo Adeva. In the video, he made claims that Ion Perez was only after Vice Ganda for money and that he was truly attracted to Awra.

Through a Facebook Livestream, Buknoy appeared with Gabo and their talent managers to admit their wrongdoings and issue a public apology to Vice, Ion and Awra. In the video, their managers have repreminded their artists for their behaviors and called them out for being arrogant and disrespectful.

They stated, "This is to inform the public that Star Image Artist Management will not tolerate the irresponsible actions of Gabriel “Gabo” Adeva and Andrew Luis Lapid a.k.a. “Buknoy Glamurrr”. With the recent incident involving Ms. Vice Ganda, Mr. Ion Perez and Ms. Awra Briguela in a tiktok live video, the management decided to impose immediate disciplinary action and to suspend Gabo and Buknoy for 1 month without pay, and penalize them with a fine of One Hundred Thousand pesos each due to misconduct."

"We sincerely apologize to the involved personalities and rest assured that we will do necessary disciplinary actions as stated beforehand," the statement added.

Meanwhile, Vice and Ion have been mum on the issue. Awra has also indirectly reacted to the controversy by tweeting, "Pinaka ayoko sa lahat yung may nadadamay na ibang tao."

Vice Ganda and Ion Perez

The public apology of Buknoy has also gone viral with over 1.6 million views in just hours since posting.

Here's Star Image Artist Management public apology via Facebook:

—Sally, The Summit Express

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