10-year-old girl suffers seizure due to excessive use of gadgets

    MANILA, Philippines – Through a viral Facebook post, a mom has shared the recent ordeal of her family in order to warn the public about the dangers of excessive use of gadgets.

    Lovely Gervacio Tajan posted a photo of her 10-year-old daughter, Michaela, undergoing a CT-scan after suffering from a seizure on Facebook on Monday, April 19. Tajan claims that the seizure was caused by her daughter’s excessive use of gadgets.

    10-year-old girl suffers seizure due to excessive use of gadgets
    PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook.com/Lovely Gervacio Tajan

    According to the mom-of-two, it was around 4 am on Sunday, April 18 that she noticed a noise coming in from the room of her two kids. Upon her entry to her kids’ room, she noticed that Michaela was shaking uncontrollably and drooling with eyes wide open and rolling upwards. Tajan described Michaela’s state as unconscious and unresponsive.

    Tajan, who is also a registered nurse, eventually realized that Michaela was actually having a seizure attack and placed her side lying. When the seizure attack ended, they rushed Michaela to the hospital.

    Currently, Michaela is admitted at a hospital where she will also undergo tests such as EEG to confirm the cause of her seizure.

    Tajan explained that she blames herself for the traumatic and eye-opening incident as she was unable to monitor her daughter’s use of gadgets. Tajan said that Michaela would use laptop for online school the whole day then would use cellphone or other gadgets after.

    “And I blame myself for what happened to her kasi I admit, hindi ko na talaga namomonitor minsan kasi wala naman sila magawa na ibang activities kaya hinahayaan ko. Laptop for Online classes the whole day then cellphone or other gadgets after,” Tajan wrote.

    Tajan urged parents to monitor, manage as well as limit their kid’s screen time in order to prevent such incident.

    “I want to spread awareness na totoo talaga yung mga article na nakikita natin online about sa effects ng overuse ng mga cellphone, computer, tablets and even TV, “ she wrote on her Facebook post.

    An article published on worldvision.org.ph states that excessive use of gadgets like computers, laptops tablets and mobile phones may cause physical and mental damage to children. Aside from becoming overweight, children may develop vision problems and seizures if they spend too much time using gadgets.

    — Mini, The Summit Express

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