What you should know about Linghua Qingwen

    MANILA, Philippines – With the continuous rise in cases of COVID-19 in the Philippines, traditional medicine Linghua Qingwen, believed to help COVID-19 patients recover faster, is also soaring in sales.

    However, traditional Chinese Medicine doctor Dr. Kit Navarro warned against the dangers about the improper use of the said medicine which is known to treat symptoms of flu, infection and even some symptoms of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), which is a strain of coronavirus.

    Linghua Qingwen
    PHOTO CREDIT: Philippine Star/Edd Gumban

    In his interview with ABS-CBN News, Navarro reiterated that the medicine, which contains Forsythiae at Honeysuckle flower, should only be used by patients with COVID-19 symptoms. While the virus can help the body fight symptoms such as fever, dryness and congestion, it is not anti-viral nor antibiotic.

    “It’s not going to treat the virus. it will just help your body get through the fever, the dryness, the congestion, the symptoms throughout your body. It will just get you through the symptoms,” Navarro explained.

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    Navarro also revealed that not all symptoms of COVID-19 should be treated using the said medicine. He warned against the use of the drug when a patient is experiencing a cold type of flu.

    “Puwedeng puro side effect so kung nilalamig ka lalamig ka lalo if you are already sweating in the cold type of flu madedehydrate ka so yes this is the wrong medicine for that condition,” Navarro said.

    Furthermore, Navarro said that the medicine should not be used by patients with pre-existing conditions such as hypertension since it contains a stimulant that may affect the heart.

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    Emphasizing that the drug contains potent ingredients that may have strong side effects, Navarro reminded the public not to use it as a supplement or prophylaxis. According to him, healthy people should focus on following health protocols and keeping themselves physically and mentally healthy since these don’t have side effects.

    In August 2020, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of the traditional Chinese medicine but not for COVID-19 treatment. FDA Director General Eric Domingo clarified that the drug should only be used as indicated in its Certificate of Product Registration which states “traditionally used herbal product [that] helps remove heat-toxin invasion of the lungs, including symptoms such as fever, aversion to cold, muscle soreness, stuffy and runny nose.”

    — Mini, The Summit Express

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