Viral service crew who graduated magna cum laude, now proud to be part of PH Army

MANILA, Philippines – Remember the service crew who became viral when she graduated magna cum laude? She is now proud to be part of the Philippine Army.
Cherry Toledo Mcdo viral crew now Army

Cherry Toledo surprised many when she sported a short hair and a serious smile. She shared how thankful she is to be part of the Philippine Army's Class Baghawian.

Cherry Toledo Mcdo viral crew now Army
Photo Credit: Facebook/Cherry Toledo

She admitted that many doubted she could make it in the Army because of her small physique but she proved everyone wrong.

Cherry wrote, "Started from the bottom now we here! They never thought that the future leader of the Philippine Army shall emerge from a small lady like me. To my dearest classmates turned siblings, stay alive!"

Back in 2019, Cherry earned the praise of netizens when she graduated college as magna cum laude despite being a working student. Cherry worked as McDonald’s service crew and studied Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the University of San Jose Recoletos in Cebu City.

Cherry Toledo Mcdo viral crew now Army
Photo Credit: Facebook/Cherry Toledo

Growing up in a broken family with her father in jail, Chery had no choice but to work to make ends meet. At 18 years old, Cherry lived with her grandmother as her parents could no longer support her. Initially, her aunt paid for her tuition fees so she could continue her studies until the support ended.

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She applied and received a full scholarship from Aboitiz to pay for her tuition and miscellaneous fees. However, she still needed money to pay for her daily expenses and boarding house.

Cherry didn't let poverty get in the way of her dream of finishing college. While she studied in the morning, she worked night shift at McDonald's so she could finance her studies and help her young brother as well. She goes to work at 6PM and finishes 12 midnight..

With hardwork and sheer determination, Cherry graduated in magna cum laude. On her graduation photo, she posed wearing her service crew uniform to inspire everyone the hardwork she put into achieving her dream.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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