Villar prefers less non-working holidays because it 'destroys business, economy'

MANILA, Philippines – Senator Cynthia Villar said if she would have it her way, she would prefer less non-working holidays because it disrupts economic activity.

Senator Cynthia Villar

During the Senate hearing on the committee on local government, the senator explained that it would be better if we have working holidays instead of non-working holidays. She explained that by declaring a working holiday, employees may go to work and celebrate with their local government units.

Villar also said that if they push for more non-working holidays, the economy of the country gets destroyed.

“Alam mo ‘pag lahat dineclare natin na non-working holiday, katakot-takot ang non-working holiday natin sa Philippines and that will destroy also the business, the economic condition of the Philippines,” Villar said during Monday’s hearing.

"There’s nothing wrong with working holiday kasi yung mga government employees naman, even if they are working, they can celebrate, they don't have to go to their offices. They can celebrate with the local government. Yun lang ang opinion ko dyan, Kasi di ba sa atin sa senado, parang binabawasan na rin natin yung non-working holiday kasi ang dami-dami na nila,” she added.

The senator, however, clarified that she has no problems with declaring non-working holidays as long as it's not too many. She said increasing the number of non-working holidays is detrimental to the economy.

“But yung padamihing masyado yung non-working holiday, that’s detrimental. Baka puro na tayo non-working holiday all-year-round,” she said.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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