PH's first esports college scholarship program launched

MANILA – The Philippines now has its first ever esports college scholarship program.

Exceptional gamers or student esport community leaders now have a chance to earn a college scholarship by becoming an esport scholar.

PH's first esports college scholarship program launched

Globe Telecom and Esports AcadArena, the Philippines’ premiere campus esports program, officially released their guidelines on the country’s first esports scholarship. The scholarship will provide eligible college students tuition coverage ranging from 25% to 100%.

Dennis Christian Dominguez, Head of Games and Esports at Globe Telecom said this is their way of supporting the education's shift to a more digital-based learning. He said, "The education sector is hard-hit by the pandemic. With students, teachers and families shaken to adjust to the digital norm. Many schools are turning to esports to supplement the lack of extracurricular activities. This is Globe’s way to make that transition smoother and more holistic.”

The Esports Merit Scholarship has three types:
  • The Competitive Merit Scholarship - covers 25-100% tuition of any active student from the roster of an Alliance Student Organization.
  • The Leadership merit Scholarship - covers 25-100% tuition of any support staff of the Alliance member schools
  • The Family Good Game Grant - a Php25,000 to Php50,000 grant for families of players with good character who qualified in any official tournament of the AcadArena

Here are a few of the qualifications:
  • Currently enrolled college students - The scholarships are open to undergrad and masters degree students only
  • Part of an Alliance accredited Student Organization - Whether as a player or as a student leader active in the organization’s and AcadArena’s activities
  • Student of good character and grades - You don’t have to be a honor student but they will look into your grades and character

More details about the application process and eligibility will be released within the year. Interested school partners may reach out to AcadArena via their website.

PH's first esports college scholarship program launched

Bachelor of Science in Esports

Last February, The Lyceum of the Philippines University (LPU), in collaboration with Esports and gaming agency Tier One Entertainment, announced that they have developed a curriculum for a 4-year course on the Bachelor of Science in Esports.

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Tier One founder Tryke Gutierrez said that they want to help provide more career opportunities for gamers all over Asia. "If this curriculum gets approved, we won't just be providing post career opportunities for gaming but we will have a new generation of graduates ready to work in the esports industry,” he said.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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