Bachelor of Science in Esports will soon be available in the Philippines

MANILA, Philippines – Esports or online gaming is something that has long been viewed as a pastime activity. It’s something that students do after school. But that might soon change!

The Lyceum of the Philippines University (LPU), in collaboration with Esports and gaming agency Tier One Entertainment, developed the curriculum for the 4-year degree on Bachelor of Science in Esports. If approved by the Commission on Higher Education, it will be offered this coming school year 2020-2021.

The news was met with much excitement, particularly in the gaming community. Many of them are happy that the sport, often viewed only as a pastime activity, is finally gaining recognition and would soon be a degree that one could seriously consider.

Bachelor of Science in Esports will soon be available in the Philippines
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“An esports course is on the way. Our CEO @trykegutierrez is at LPU, and with him is the first ever drafted curriculum for esports in the country,” Tier One Entertainment announced in an Instagram post.

“Lyceum of the Philippines University Manila and Tier One Entertainment are committed in making this dream a reality. We will be passing the curriculum to the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) in March this year. If this goes well, we might have a full course available by 2020.”

Two tracks will be made available for the course, game development and esports management, announced the gaming agency’s chief executive officer Tryke Gutierrez.

“The goal has always been to create more opportunities for gamers in Asia. If this curriculum gets approved, we won't just be providing post career opportunities for gaming, but we will have a new generation of graduates ready to work in the esports industry,” Gutierrez said.

“The 4 year course will have two tracks for students to choose from its either game design or esports management. I can't disclose the full subjects yet but we are 80% done.”

Bachelor of Science in Esports will soon be available in the Philippines
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If approved by CHED, this will be the first time that the Philippines will have a full Bachelor’s Degree course in Esports. Currently, there are nine universities and colleges that offer game development degree programs but not a college degree. But several universities in the United States and United Kingdom are already offering degree programs in online gaming.

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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