Step-by-step guide: PRC online oathtaking (e-oath) application system

    MANILA, Philippines – The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) announced the availability of online oathtaking application system (e-oath) and the conduct of virtual or online special oathtaking during public health emergency.

    PRC online oathtaking (e-oath) application system

    The e-oath can be accessed at Licensure Examination and Registration Information System (LERIS).

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    Below is the step-by-step procedure of online oathtaking application system.

    1. Select transaction, then enter profession and Notice of Admission (NOA) application number.

    2. Click “PROCEED” and the page will redirect.

    3. Select preferred PRC regional office and click next. The system will automatically give you the earliest date set for oathtaking.

    4. After confirmation click “SUBMIT APPLICATION” to proceed.

    5. A confirmation message will pop up with the summary of your transaction.

    6. Click “CLICK TO GO BACK” to redirect to your EXISTING TRANSACTION.

    7. You can see your transaction details from your EXISTING TRANSACTION. Click “PRINT DOCUMENT” to print your oath form.

    8. You can now print your oath form.

    PRC online oathtaking (e-oath) application system

    PRC online oathtaking (e-oath) application system

    PRC online oathtaking (e-oath) application system

    PRC online oathtaking (e-oath) application system

    Free of charge online oathtaking

    PRC announced on August 22 that the conduct of the online or virtual oathtaking through Microsoft Teams and hosted by the PRC Regional Offices is FREE OF CHARGE.

    Relative to this, all new passers of different board examinations are advised to wait for the schedule of online oathtaking which will be posted in PRC official website and social media accounts before availing the online oathtaking application system.

    Due to COVID-19 pandemic, PRC is planning to prioritize the conduct of small scale examinations for the remaining part of the year.

    As discussed in the July virtual hearing with the House of Representatives, the committee agreed to focus on health-related board exams such as the physician, Qualifying Assessment for Foreign Medical Professionals, medical technologist (medtech), respiratory therapist, nurses and midwives, among others as needed in the continuing battle against COVID-19.

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    — The Summit Express
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