Terminally ill mom saved money for son's college entrance exam review

MANILA, Philippines – Most parents plan for their children’s future, ensuring that their kids are able to finish their education and find a good career as adults. Sadly, there are times when parents die before their children could graduate. That’s a very difficult situation but some parents are still able to help prepare their children for the inevitable.
Terminally ill mom saved money for son's college entrance exam review

Christopher Eugenio made a lot of netizens cry after sharing how his terminally ill mother had saved money so he could attend review classes for college entrance exams.

His mother knew she was dying and might not be able to even see him enter college, but she wanted to help make sure that he could go to the college he wanted to be in.

In a series of tweets, Christopher shared how his mother had saved money to pay for the review center, even though she certainly had plenty of things to worry about due to her medical condition. Instead of putting all the money to her treatment, she made sure to set aside some money for her son.

“Sharing my story 🤗

These two pictures of my mom were taken a month before she passed away. Pinag-ipunan niya talaga na mag-review center ako for CETs. When she was terminally ill, I remember crying every day before I went to review class.

Ma! 😭 Iskolar na ako ng bayan ❤💚

In another tweet, Christopher shared photos of the acceptance letters and scholarship awards he received from different schools. He passed the entrance exams at the University of Santo Tomas, the University of the Philippines, and Saint Louis University in Baguio City.

He was offered a full scholarship at Saint Louis University for ranking among the Top 10 exam placers. He also made it to the roster of DOST scholars!

Congratulations, Christopher! Your mom is surely very proud of you…

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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