Nurse becomes teacher, continues to inspire after earning PhD

MANILA, Philippines – Danhill C. Donoga started his professional career as a nurse but found himself becoming a teacher, then later earning the title as ‘doctor’ after earning his PhD. Throughout it all, he continues to inspire others to reach for their dreams.
Nurse educator Danhill C. Donoga

“May this journey paint a smile and relieve the negativity of the world as it endures the pain of this global health crisis. For teachers who struggle between work and continuing professional education, this is for you,” Donoga wrote as he shares his story with The Summit Express.

According to Donoga, he completed his nursing degree with flying colors from one of the learning institutions in Cavite. He passed the board exams just some months later and was quite lucky enough to land a job as nurse for the DOH.

Nurse educator Danhill C. Donoga

He worked as DOH nurse for 4 years, but realized he needed to find another way to have a permanent job. This led to him taking a short course in education which enabled him to take the board exams for teachers.

As a licensed professional teacher, he found a job as secondary teacher in Basilio B. Chan Memorial Agricultural and Industrial School in Lavezares, Northern Samar. Even though the school is huge, with over 2,000 students, it did not have a full-fledged nurse. Thus, Donoga was not just a teacher but also became the school nurse-designate.

While the double designation proved to be a difficult task, Donoga rose up to the challenge. Even if he’s already so busy with many tasks, he took his Master’s Degree. But just 2 weeks after graduation, he decided to continue with his quest for continuing professional education by enrolling in a doctorate program at the University of Eastern Philippines.

His hard work paid off. After 6 years of teaching experience and 6 years of literally “sunog kilay”, he graduated with the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Education major in Educational Management in June 2019. Again, he finished the course with flying colors, earning two major distinctions as best paper and best poster awardee for his dissertation.

Nurse educator Danhill C. Donoga

Moreover, his hard work in school was also recognized. That same month, he was recognized by their school division as the sole Outstanding Junior High School Teacher and Outstanding Teacher in research management in the whole province of Northern Samar.

“While receiving these high-esteemed recognitions, I realized that despite what happened in 2019 where the province was hardly hit by typhoons and earthquake, still, we withstood the test of time. Nalampasan ko kasama ang Dyos at ang aking malaking pangarap para sa sarili, pamilya, at sa lipunan,” Donoga shared.

“I was able to balance and excel on both worlds I should say; my passion for teaching in the basic education and my commitment for learning in the higher institution have flourished. With all these, I can say I had enough that is why my arms are wide open to share and inspire people.”

With so many blessings coming his way, Donoga hopes to inspire others. He also helps in the community, choosing service for others and sharing his material blessings to the less fortunate ones. Twice, he converted his birthday budget to help the victims of Typhoon Tisoy last December 2019 and Typhoon Ambo just last May 2020.

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“I want to share this to the world just to convey a message that teachers need not to become rich to be proactive and emphatic and generous rather it only requires a true heart that feels, ears that hear, and eyes that see the real worth of the underserved, unheard, and unreached,” Donoga wrote.

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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