Pilot evacuates stranded OFWs by day, does night duty as doctor on the SAME DAY!

MANILA, Philippines – A lot of people finished two or more courses in college. Many also work on two or more jobs at the same time.
The Filipino Flying Doctor

One guy recently went viral for sharing how he was able to work on his two jobs in one day. On that rare day, he worked as pilot by day, evacuating stranded OFWs from East Timor, before proceeding to work the night shift as doctor that same day. Wow.

Erwin Conrad Abueva shared the impressive story of his busy day last May 25, 2020. He calls it as “A Day to Remember”.

The Filipino Flying Doctor
Photo credit: Erwin Conrad Abueva / Facebook

The day began early as Abueva left his home at 4:10 AM in his pilot uniform. He proceeded to NAIA to pilot the Pan Pacific Airlines headed for East Timor. At 6:20 AM, they were ready to fly out. They arrived at East Timor by 11:05 AM where they picked up several stranded OFWs for the extraction flight.

It did not take them long to get all the OFWs on board. Soon, they were flying back to Manila. By 5:10 PM, less than 12 hours later, Abueva and the rest of the crew were back at the NAIA.

He could have gone home to rest after a long day at work, but this admirable pilot was scheduled to do the night shift that day. So, he proceeded to Carmona, Cavite. By 7 PM, Abueva arrived for his night duty at Carmona Hospital & Medical Center, still in his pilot uniform!

The Filipino Flying Doctor
Photo credit: Erwin Conrad Abueva / Facebook

After a busy day as pilot, repatriating the OFWs, Abueva did not stop to rest but put on his scrubs for his second frontliner duty of the day – as doctor!

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Netizens were quite impressed with this pilot-doctor. He’s earned the nickname as “The Filipino Flying Doctor”. Thanks for being a frontliner on land and in the skies, Dr. Erwin Conrad Abueva!

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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