Bride from Davao sells wedding gown to buy face masks, PPEs for frontliners

    A bride from Davao decided to make her wedding gown more meaningful by selling it for the benefit of medical frontliners fighting the spread of coronavirus.
    Tinjoy Agcopra-Gutierrez sold her designer wedding gown

    Tinjoy Agcopra-Gutierrez sold her designer wedding gown
    Tinjoy Agcopra-Gutierrez sold her designer wedding gown to purchase medical supplies | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Tinjoy Agcopra-Gutierrez

    Tinjoy Agcopra-Gutierrez surprised everyone when she decided to put her dream wedding gown for sale. Her Swarovski-studded gown was made by renowned designer Val Taguba, which she wore when she married now-husband Reyjhie Gutierrez last December 2019.

    But letting go of her "most favorite dress" became more meaningful as Tinjoy announced that all the proceeds will be used to purchase the medical needs of the health workers assigned at the Southern Philippines Medical Center in Davao City.

    wedding gown
    Tinjoy sold her wedding gown by half the price she bought it for | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Tinjoy Agcopra-Gutierrez

    She wrote, “I wanted my wedding dress to be something more meaningful. Come 10-20 years, I’d get to look back and proudly share this story to our future kids and tell them that my wedding dress was the most beautiful dress I’ve got to wear in my entire life and it, in a way, helped save lives."

    Tinjoy sold her beloved dress for half the price she bought it for and bought N95 face masks and other medical supplies.

    face masks, PPEs for frontliners

    "For the first batch, I bought thousands of surgical masks from Manila, even buying them at a higher price because of the scarcity. I also procured hundreds of face shields with the help of other funds that I raised on my Instagram account. I am also procuring a number of PPE suits from my nursing clinical instructor who messaged me," she said.

    Tinjoy said her sacrifice was her little way of showing how much they appreciate the efforts of our frontliners working hard to fight the spread of coronavirus.

    Her message to medical frontliners said, "My endless gratitude to all of you. No amount of donations or money can ever repay what you are risking for our country. Thank you so much for doing everything you can every single day to save lives. We all are very proud of you.”

    — Sally, The Summit Express

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