Milan-based Pinay urges everyone to listen after 1,200+ die in Italy from COVID-19

MANILA, Philippines – A Pinay based in Milan, Italy, recently went viral after urging Pinoys and everyone else to listen to the government and not make the same mistakes that they did which led to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreaking in the European country.

As of March 14, 2020, World Health Organization (WHO) reported that a total of 17,660 positive cases were listed in Italy for the COVID-19. Of this number, there were 1,268 deaths.


Hospital ICUs are overflowing with patients and overworked medical staff are having difficulties in dealing with what many describe as a ‘tsunami’ of sick people. As the possibility of more deaths remain high, Milan-based Pinay Mickaella Jorgia Bergantino wrote an open letter to urge everyone not to make the same mistakes they did in Italy.

Bergantino wrote:

“Dear Family and Friends in the Philippines,

Don't make the same mistakes like we did here in Italy.

Being in Lockdown means you have to STAY AT HOME and AVOID at all costs going out.

No school or work doesn't mean a holiday or you can go out with friends or meet other people.

It has been proposed by the government and health officials for a purpose!

We have been there. We didn't listen. We continued to go out and meet people even though we were told not to. We underestimated the situation.

And look where we are right now. 10k plus of infected and we are Forced to stay at home.

Do not do the same mistakes like we did.

Stay at home while you are not being forced.

Do your job as a citizen.

Your role in obedience will lead a big impact to the Society.

It doesn't matter if your plans are or were cancelled.

Your life and health is more important than that.

Sending love and prayers to all of you!

This will end soon!

Stay strong! ❤️

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What went wrong?

Why is the outbreak so scary in Italy? What’s so surprising about Italy becoming the ground zero of Europe’s coronavirus crisis is that it was actually one of the first countries to institute a travel ban.

Back in January 29, Italy detected – and subsequently isolated – two Chinese tourists. Just a day later, Italy became the first country to block flights from China and Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte declared a state of emergency for 6 months.

The government also placed thermal scanners and required temperature checks on international passengers arriving at Italian airports.

Still, people thought nothing about COVID-19, thinking that it was ‘just like flu’. They continued going out to meet their friends, hanging out at bars late at night, and simply not listening when the government urged them to stay at home.

Milan-based Pinay urges everyone to listen after 1,200+ die in Italy from COVID-19
Photo credit: Business Insider

Unknown to them, the virus was spreading around even from people who were not showing symptoms. Many patients were asymptomatic for weeks and led an active social life, before eventually developing symptoms and testing positive. But by then, they had already infected a lot of people.

On February 22, Italy issued a lockdown in Lombardy, one of the areas strongly hit by the virus, as well as Veneto. This forced everyone, estimated to be over 60,000, to stay at home. On March 7, the lockdown was extended to fourteen other Italian provinces, involving over 16 million people; it took effect immediately and will remain imposed until April 3. By March 9, the lockdown extended to the entire country.

What’s going on?

Bergantino would later share another post to explain what’s really going on in Italy and why it is difficult to live under lockdown. Again, she did this to urge Pinoys to listen before it is too late…

She wrote:

If you still don't care about this Situation let me break it up to you into a series of things that will happen if you keep on being stubborn.

Here are some things that are going on in Italy right now:


-Some of our Kababayans and other immigrants don't have jobs due to the shops and businesses closing. Meaning they can't send money to their loved ones in their home country. No money means that they can't tend and give proper care to their selves also to their families.

Let say this happens in the Philippines (I hope not). Think about the people who already doesn't have enough money to feed their families and becomes unemployed??

•No School

- Yes as to many who are rejoicing that there is no school. Online classes are actually a bit difficult. We are not used to it. Some have poor internet connection and for students who already have a difficult time in understanding and grasping a subject it is a torture for them. EDUCATION IS IMPORTANT ESPECIALLY IN THESE HARD TIMES.

If this happen in the Philippines not everyone has access to the internet or have the money to buy such gadgets.

•Saying goodbye to our loved ones.

-Some people are away from their families and loved ones right now. Some are fighting for their lives at the hospital.

Imagine you are at the hospital with no family or loved ones beside you.

The saddest part here is when the infected person dies sometimes without saying goodbye to their loved ones and not having them on their side.

Dying alone is very sad.

Imagine if that happens to one of your family, friend or loved ones.

We are temporarily sacrificing our Freedom to go out right now for a better Cause.

Please be Sensitive. This is just temporary.

Better do what you can do right now to avoid regrets later on.

God bless You All and Be safe!

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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