64-year-old nurse continues service as a frontliner against COVID-19

MANILA, Philippines – A 64-year-old nurse at the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) proved that despite her being a high risk for coronavirus disease due to her age, she will continue fulfilling her pledge to serve others.

64-year-old nurse continues service as a frontliner against COVID-19
64-year-old Alita Gonzales is a nurse at the frontline in the fight against coronavirus disease | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Maricon Gonzales

On Facebook, Maricon Gonzales shared how proud she is of her mother Alita Rosario Gonzales for helping as one of the frontliners in the government's fight against COVID-19.


Maricon wrote an appreciation post for her mother and said, "My mom is a nurse. Only 11 months before her retirement. 64 years old and very prone to this Covid19 virus. Despite all of these, she is very determined to go to work and help save lives."

She said that her family worries about their mother but the hardworking nurse reminds them that she has a service to fulfill.

"All of us in the family ask her to stay home due to the fear of her getting infected but nobody can stop her. Her only answer is "May sinumpaan kaming tungkulin sa bayan." Yes, that is how committed my mom is.. Risking her life to save others," Maricon said.

The proud daughter couldn't be any more proud of her hardworking, determined and dedicated mother. She said, "We love you always mama! You always make us proud daughters."

Maricon also gave a shout out to all the other frontliners working hard everyday. She said, "Salute to all those risking their lives. Cheers to all the frontliners."

— Sally, The Summit Express

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