COVID-19 kills 3 Pinoy doctors, at least 10 others also tested positive

MANILA, Philippines – As of 4PM on Sunday, March 22, the Philippines now has a total of 380 cases of COVID-19, based on data from the Department of Health (DOH).
COVID-19 kills 3 Pinoy doctors, at least 10 others also tested positive

And while a total of 17 recoveries have been reported, the death toll has also risen to 25. What’s worse is that 3 doctors are among those who died from the disease and there are at least 10 others who tested positive, still battling the condition in various facilities across the country.

COVID-19 kills 3 Pinoy doctors, at least 10 others also tested positive
(L-R: Israel Bactol, Rose Pulido, Gregorio Macasaet III; Photo credit: Markgregor Edward Sayson / Facebook)

The doctor casualties of the coronavirus pandemic are identified as anesthesiologist Gregorio Macasaet III of Manila Doctors Hospital, cardiologist Israel Bactol from the Philippine Heart Center, and oncologist Rose Pulido of the San Juan de Dios Hospital. The three succumbed to COVID-19 in the last two days.


Netizens have hailed the three a hero, thanking them for the service they extended to the people amid the pandemic in the country.

Dr. Israel reportedly contracted the virus from a patient who lied about his travel history. The patient only admitted that he travelled to China when his condition worsened some 3 days later, but it was too late as the doctor had already contracted the virus. The patient died early in March.

COVID-19 kills 3 Pinoy doctors, at least 10 others also tested positive

Meanwhile, Caloocan Bishop Pablo Virgilio David shared Dr. Dr. Greg’s last text message to him before the doctor succumbed to the disease. The bishop also revealed with great sadness that Dr. Greg’s wife, Dr. Evalyn Macasaet who is also an anesthesiologist, is suffering from the same condition but is expected to recover soon.

“Good evening, my beloved brethren! The turn of events is just no longer going in my favor. The feeling you get, aside from extreme pains all over, difficulty of breathing and as if all life is being sucked from your body! They will be putting cutdown lines and central tubes on me anytime soon! If they intubate me and place me on ventilator, then the game is almost over!

If Ateng (referring to his wife) survives, then my wish for her and Raymond (his son who is with autism) for a long and happy life will bear fruition! Raymond however needs financial and emotional care for the rest of his life! Something I may no longer be able to fulfill! It Is my fervent hope that all of you may assist the rest of my Family in our most difficult times!”

According to the bishop, the doctor requested to receive the last rites, but doctors won’t allow anyone near him. Unable to reach Dr. Greg, he called up Dr. Evalyn. Though he was unable to do the last rites over Dr. Greg’s body, he was able to pray with Dr. Evalyn before the noble doctor died in the early hours of Sunday, March 22.

COVID-19 kills 3 Pinoy doctors, at least 10 others also tested positive

Aside from the three doctors who died from COVID-19, the bishop shared that there are at least 10 others he knows of who have also tested positive from the disease. Dr. Evalyn is just one of them.

“After I read the prayer request for Dr. Bactol, I had the idea of typing in the search engine of FB “frontliner doctors infected with COVID19”. The search led me to several posts, giving me a fuller list of frontliner doctors who have also been infected by COVID19, and for whom urgent requests for prayer are being passed around by their fellow frontliners,” the bishop added.

“Aside from Dr. Bactol and Dr. Macasaet, there were ten others in the list—names of very well known doctors, who are presently putting their own lives on the line as frontliners in the fight against COVID19.”

Many of them are in critical condition, intubated and hooked to a ventilator though some are already showing marked improvement.

“The PMA deeply mourns for our fallen colleagues who have died while serving on the front line in the fight against Covid-19. You are a great loss to the medical profession and to our country. We thank you dear doctors for finishing the race with a great fight,” the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) wrote in a statement honoring the three doctors.

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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