Old man lies dead in an empty street in Wuhan, workers in hazmat suits take body away

The once bustling industrial city of over 11 million people had its streets constantly filled with people, but Wuhan now looks like a ghost city where mostly empty streets only had a few pedestrians. On Thursday morning, an old man lay dead in an empty street at ground zero of China's virus epidemic, but the passersby dared not move closer to check on his condition.

According to reports, the old man carried a plastic bag of groceries in one hand. He had fallen on the ground, with his back to the concrete. The official cause of his death is yet to be determined, but many believe that he might be one of those infected by the novel coronavirus (2019-nCov). No one dared check whether he could still be revived; no one dared try CPR on him as well.

Old man lies dead in an empty street in Wuhan
Photo credit: NDTV

Medical staff in blue overalls gently shrouded his body with a blue blanket, but the ambulance did not take him away. Police who arrived at the scene covered the body with stacks of cardboard boxes as they waited for the proper authorities to carry him away.

According to reporters, it took about 2 hours before a white van with blacked out windows arrived. Workers in hazmat suits carefully placed the body in a yellow surgical bag before placing it on the stretcher. Workers sprayed each other with disinfectants after handling the body.

The team of forensic experts who checked on the dead body were also sprayed with disinfectants. As the van drove away with the dead man’s body, other workers cleaned up and disinfected the street.

Old man lies dead in an empty street in Wuhan
Photo credit: The Guardian

The dead man was found in a street just a block away from Wuhan Number Six Hospital, one of the main medical facilities for treating those with 2019-nCov symptoms.

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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