LOOK: Two Chinese men give free facemasks to passersby in Makati

MANILA, Philippines – Amidst the chaos and fear due to the 2019 novel coronavirus, two Chinese men offer kindness to Filipino passersby in Makati City.

Two Chinese men give free facemasks to passersby in Makati
Two Chinese men give free facemasks to passersby in Makati
Chinese men offer to give free facemask in front of PBCom building in Makati | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Precious Ann Patiño

The act of kindness by two Chinese men did not go unnoticed as many Filipinos showed empathy for their gesture. This is despite the widespread fear and even discrimination targeted towards them as the new coronavirus originated from their country.

China, particularly the Hubei province, is known as the epicenter of the deadly virus.


Netizens couldn't help but show compassion to two anonymous Chinese men who were seen handing out free facemasks along Ayala Avenue in Makati.

On Facebook, netizen Precious Ann Patiño shared the photo of the men standing along PBCom Tower as they wait for passersby to get free facemask.

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According to Patiño, the man in black was holding out his phone that has a message. While she was a bit unsure on what is said, a netizen commented that the message on the phone reads, "FREE FACEMASK." The other Chinese man in white was the one who hands out the facemasks.

Patiño asked the public to accept their offer as it was probably their way of giving back to the Filipinos. She said, "Sa mga madadaan diyan ng PBCOm Makati. Tanggapin niyo na lang po yung offer nila na mask sa ganyang paraan na lang sila makakabawi sa mga sama ng loob sa kanila at para makatulong na din sila."

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She also urged everyone to pray and show kindness and compassion to others. Patiño said, "Keep praying guys. Marami ng nangyayari ngayon para sabayan pa natin ng galit, tulungan na lang tayo."

The post was flooded with comments with some even admitted that they feel bad for hurling racist words against the Chinese nationals in the country. Others asked for empathy and kindness in these desperate times.

Netizen M. Cruz said, "Tanggapin niyo na lang kung ayaw niyo gamitin huwag. Appreciate nyo na lang effort nila. Huwag RACIST."

Another netizen commented, "Stop the hate instead let's spread prayers for the victims of coronavirus. Kagaya natin tao lang din sila na nasasaktan."

The post has quickly gone viral with over 20,000 reactions in 1 hour since posting.

— Sally, The Summit Express


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  1. Wag naman sana umabot sa ganun na iniignore na ung taong gustong tumulong.. kahit chinese pa yan

  2. Sa panahon ngaun kailangan natin mag-isa ano man ang lahe tayo.,we need God.,sya lng mkpagcontrol ng lahat ng bagay hwg glit ang pairalin, tao rin cla tulad natin, comfort each other,help each and Pray together..God give us sign n malapit n sya darating only Jesus can save us & God bless us all

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