Typhoon Tisoy PAGASA weather update November 29

MANILA, Philippines – Typhoon Kammuri (international name) has gained more strength while moving northwestward slowly, state weather bureau PAGASA announced in its 11:00 am bulletin on Friday, November 29.

At 10:00 am today, the eye of Typhoon 'Kammuri' was estimated based on all available data at 1,470 km East of Southern Luzon or outside the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR).

Satellite image of Typhoon Kammuri as of Friday, November 29.
Satellite image of Typhoon Kammuri as of Friday, November 29. Photo credit: DOST-PAGASA

Typhoon 'Kammuri' has maximum sustained winds (MSW) of 140 km/h near the center and gustiness of up to 170 km/h.

'Kammuri' is forecast to enter between Saturday (November 30) and Sunday (December 1) morning and will be named "Tisoy" as the 20th Philippine tropical cyclone for 2019.

Tropical Cyclone Wind Signal No. 1 may be raised over the eastern portion of the Bicol Region-Eastern Visayas area on Sunday. Cancellation of maritime travel may be experienced over these areas.

The weather central also issued statement on Friday to prevent unwanted panic on the part of the public as some posts currently circulating online and being shared in various social networking services stating that 'Kammuri' will be hitting the country as a “Super Typhoon”.

"The Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) of the United States uses 1 minute as wind averaging period for the estimation of maximum sustained winds near the center (MSW), while PAGASA and other meteorological centers in the Western North Pacific use the WMO recommended 10-minute averaging period. Shorter wind averaging periods yield higher wind estimates compared to longer averaging period. As such, MSW from JTWC are generally higher than PAGASA and other major meteorological centers."

"Meteorological centers use different thresholds for classifying tropical cyclones as Super Typhoon. Since May 2015, PAGASA classifies a tropical cyclone as Super Typhoon when 10-minute MSW exceeds 220 km/h. Meanwhile, JTWC’s Super Typhoon, when converted from 1 to 10-minute averaging, has MSW exceeding 185 km/h. This means that on a 10-minute averaging, JTWC has a lower threshold for classifying Super Typhoon than PAGASA."

"Based on latest available data, Typhoon “KAMMURI” (local name: Typhoon “TISOY”) is less likely to reach Super Typhoon category at this time, but this scenario is not yet ruled out as the Typhoon is forecast to steadily intensify before making landfall in Southern Luzon."

'Kammuri' may bring moderate to heavy rains and thunderstorms starting Monday, December 2 over Bicol Region and Samar provinces.

Most of the areas in Central Luzon, Bicol Region, Southern Luzon, and Metro Manila will experience strong winds and heavy to intense rains on Tuesday-Wednesday, December 3-4.

Track of Typhoon Kammuri (Tisoy). Photo Credit: DOST-PAGASA
Track of Typhoon Kammuri (Tisoy). Photo Credit: DOST-PAGASA

The country, with prime locations in Central Luzon and Metro Manila, is currently hosting the 30th Southeast Asian Games. Opening and closing ceremonies set on November 30 and December 11, respectively.

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