VIDEO: Marjorie Barretto's revelations in her tell-all interview

MANILA, Philippines – Marjorie Barretto sat down with ABS-CBN News' Karen Davila on Tuesday, October 22, to open up about the fiasco she and her sisters, Gretchen and Claudine are in. What started as an altercation during their late father's wake continued to burn into a social media tirade.

In the TV Patrol's interview, Marjorie first gave a background on the relationship of Atong Ang to her niece, Nicole. She said it was her personal knowledge that Nicole was Atong Ang's girlfriend for 5 years, even back when her niece was just a minor. The couple allegedly broke up after Gretchen "stole" Atong from Nicole. Marjorie said she personally saw how broken Nicole was after their failed relationship.

Marjorie Barretto's surprising revelations in her tell-all interview
Marjorie Barretto finally broke her silence on Tuesday in a TV Patrol interview.

During the wake of the Barretto patriarch, Miguel, at The Heritage Park in Taguig, tension began to rise when the family was told that Gretchen will be arriving with Atong.

According to Marjorie, members of Atong's family texted the mother of Nicole, asking for Nicole to leave because "magkakaroon ng gulo" if she doesn't.

Marjorie said, “ Bigla na lang lumuha [si Nicole]. Apo siya, e. She had more right in the wake."

"Napapahiya rin naman si Nicole na papasok silang (Gretchen and Ang) magkasama. Parang sampal na sa pagmumukha niya ‘yon. It was not the place to do that," she added.

Prior to Gretchen and Atong's arrival, President Rodrigo Duterte came to pay his respects.

Marjorie narrated what happened next, "On cue ni Claudine, dumating si Gretchen at si Atong. Atong stayed at the end [of the chapel]. Gretchen was there, apologizing to my mother, crying. We were at the side.”

Gretchen had earlier claimed that Marjorie was "fuming" due to her arrival. Marjorie, however, explained that her anger was due to Atong's presence.

"They were claiming na mainit na ulo ko. Hindi lang po ako. ‘Yung pamilya ko po, dahil na-offend kami really about Atong sending our nieces and nephews out of the wake of our father. That’s the tension," she said.

She said she politely told Duterte when he tried to mediate them, "Sabi ko, ‘Mr. President, I respect you, I love you, I voted for you, sir. Pasensya na po. Hindi po kita mapagbibigyan."

She continued that it was Claudine who started the commotion by raising her voice at her. Marjorie recalled the scene: “Claudine says, ‘You’re unbelievable!’ Tumingin ako, bunsong kapatid. Diyan nag-start ‘yung bastusan, actually. And then she followed with, ‘How dare you! You just want the attention!’"

Marjorie, then spoke to the President saying, “I said, ‘Mr. President, tingnan niyo po ‘to. Ito po ‘yung totoong pagkatao nila. Nagbabait-baitan lang po sila sa harapan ninyo. I hope you understand.’”

When voices started to raise, Marjorie said Atong tried to grab her but the President held her safe.

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Marjorie continued that she saw Nicole "carry" Gretchen away from her. "Because, according to Nicole at mga tao doon, she (Gretchen) was also going to follow to make me hablot. Iyon ang kaguluhan nila doon,” she said.

She continued that while she was speaking with the President, Gretchen ran after Nicole, puller her and kicker her. "She beat up my niece,” she said.

"Not a bad daughter"

Marjorie also belied Gretchen's statement that she didn't invite their mother to their father's party, which caused him to have a heart attack. She said she invited her but their father said she was not feeling well at that time.

“Speaking of not inviting your mother to your house — Gretchen, for more than 25 years, has never invited my parents to her house, any of her mansions and rest houses, not even to their garage. So don’t paint me as the bad daughter, Gretchen,” Marjorie said.

Recom Echiverri

Marjorie confirmed that the father of her youngest child is former Caloocan Mayor Recom Echiverri.

"Alam mo, hindi ako perfect. I’m very strong in many ways, pero sa pag-ibig talaga, mahina ako. I’m sorry, I’m not very proud of it. That is the reason why I was not announcing to the public,” she said.

Here's the video of the tell-all interview (courtesy of ABS-CBN / TV Patrol):

— Sally, The Summit Express

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