La Salle graduate pays tribute to her security guard father and 'labandera' mom

MANILA, Philippines – (UPDATED) A graduate shared how her parents helped her achieve her dream of earning a degree despite being underprivileged.
La Salle graduate pays tribute to her security guard father and "labandera" mom

The graduate, who is a published author and a Wattpad writer goes by her pen name, Reinn.

On Twitter, Reinn looked back at her inspiring story of beating the odds through prayer, hardwork and the kindness of others.

Within a year, Reinn earned a degree in Medical Technology at De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute, passed the board exam, and even published a book.

Impossible it may seem but she did all these eventhough her parents couldn't provide her financial needs.

Reinn shared that her parents may not have the financial capacity to help her through college, but they supported and guided her all throughout her journey.

Reinn's father works as a security guard while her mother was jobless. And while they weren't fortunate enough to get a degree, Reinn was glad her parents taught her the value of education.

She tweeted, "At a young age I've always believed that 'ang edukasyon ang kaisa-isang bagay na hindi mananakaw ninoman,' so at young age, I took that as my foundation to strive harder in studying even if we are really poor."

Reinn continued that growing up, she persevered and studied hard. It was her academic achievements that became her ticket to success.

"I studied in public school when I was in elementary, and was granted with a scholarship in high school because I graduated Salutatorian. Though I'm a scholar, I still have miscellaneous fees to pay, and my dad worked hard for it. I got other scholarships," she said.

Studying in De La Salle University didn't cross Reinn's mind. She knew it was impossible for her parents to pay for the "hundred thousand tuition fee."

But much to her surprise, "God really provided."

Reinn said everything perfectly worked out well. She received an outpouring of blessings from kind-hearted people, foundations and even establishments.

She became a recipient of scholarships from Cavite Governor Jonvic Remulla, City Mayor Manny Maliksi, and Congressman Alex Advincula.

Reinn was also lucky to have become one of the less fortunate scholars her aunt supported. She paid the rest of Reinn's school fees, including the miscellaneous fees.

She also received a food scholarship given by an owner of a Japanese Restaurant inside La Salle. To top it all off, Reinn even got support from a foundation who provides financial assistance to underprivileged scholars.

Looking back, Reinn realized how her simple life was changed because God sent good people to help her.

She said, "You see, I'm not a CEO's daughter, a businessman's daughter, or even a doctor's daughter. My life has always been simple but God is so good for sending me people to help me get through it. To be able to finish a degree in one of the most prestigious schools."

But more than anything, Reinn said if it weren't for her parents, none of it would have been possible.

Reinn recalled her father's hardwork and perseverance in helping her with her requirements.

She said, "I can still remember him helping me with all the documents I needed for all my scholarships, he would go, even if it'll rain or shine. He'll always find ways. All I need to do is study hard."

Reinn also thanked her mother who was always there to take care of her. She also appreciated how her mother never failed to cook and prepare sumptuous meals for her.

"They were able to give me the love, support and care that I needed the most," the grateful daughter said.

Reinn motivated other students who are from underprivileged families to still dream high and work hard for their goals.

"I am sharing this for people to know that it's really possible to reach your dreams as long as you keep your faith in Him and as long as you fight for it," she said.

Reinn's inspiring message is now going viral with over 39,800 likes on Twitter.

Aside from being a registered Medical Technologist, Reinn is also a Pop fiction writer on Wattpad and a published author. Her latest book, "Until She Fell in Love" is now available in bookstores nationwide.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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