Chilling stories of premonitions of accidents and death that came true

MANILA, Philippines – Do you believe in premonitions and warnings from signs or events around us?

Is premonition possible? If you believe in the paranormal and its traditional phenomena, you are far more likely to believe that premonition, along with other psychic abilities like precognition and telepathy, is a possibility.

There are countless stories of premonitions prior to accidents or death
There are countless stories of premonitions prior to accidents or death | Photo Courtesy: Canva

There have been countless stories shared about how premonitions have saved lives. From escaping a fire, evading an accident or a mishap, many believers of the paranormal that premonitions exist as a warning.

2017 Tanay Bus Accident

One of the popular premonition stories that somehow predicted an accident was related to the 2017 Tanay bus accident. In February 2017, 13 college students and the bus driver were killed when their bus collided with an electric pole in Tanay, Rizal.

At around 9 a.m., the bus carrying students from BestLink College of the Philippines in Novaliches, Quezon City, was traveling along Sitio Bayucan in Barangay Sampaloc, Tanay, when it lost its brakes and collided with an electric post. The bus was carrying more than 50 teenage students and an instructor on the field trip.

Following the accident, several social media posts of the fatalities became viral. According to netizens, three of the 15 victims predicted their deaths. One posted on Facebook, "Ang ikli ng buhay no? Kaya kapag may gusto ka, gawin mo. Kapag may mahal ka sabihin mo."

Another student wrote, “Gusto ko ng mamatay ngayon na t*** ina nahihiya ako ng sobra!"

A female student who also died wrote this just 24 hours before the accident. "Tomorrow is the day. Ilang araw akong mawawala sa mundong ibabaw."

2010 Balamban Bus Accident

Back in 2010, a premonition saved the life of a medicine student. Mustafa Mahboobian, a fourth year medical student at the Gullas College of Medicine (University of the Visayas) decided not to join an excursion with his friends.

The outing turned into a disaster when the bus boarding 19 medical students fell into a ravine at the transcentral highway in Balamban town. Six students died.

According to Mahboobian, he had a dream the night before the accident. He dreamed about working in an intensive care unit (ICU) and caring for a large number of patients, some of whom were Iranians. Despite the fact that he did not see his friends' faces in his dream, Mahboobian awoke crying.

He later discovered that two of his friends had experienced the same dream. However, it was too late to warn everyone.

What to do with premonitions?

Experts suggest several things to do when you feel like you experienced a premonition. It's best to document it and write it down. It also helps to tell others about it. You can also use a date-stamped location to record your notes.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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