LOOK: Pretty class adviser catches attention of netizens, goes viral

MANILA, Philippines – A beautiful class adviser has recently gone viral after netizens were impressed with her good looks.
Pretty class adviser catches attention of netizens, goes viral

Going to school is not an easy feat. From the long hours of discussions, reading books, answering questions, it can sometimes become a daunting everyday routine. But what better way to spice up a day than to have a little bit of inspiration.

On Twitter, Artzel Brian decided to share a photo of his class adviser. While it's true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, her teacher was instantly praised for being beautiful.

Artzel wrote, "Flex ko lang adviser namin."

The name behind the pretty face is Ms. Amalia Cabangbang of San Pedro College of Davao. She has been teaching Sociology and Political Science subjects for a year now.

Netizens couldn't help but compliment the pretty teacher from her good looks even to her perfectly-made nails.

A netizen wrote, "Malamang walang boys ang umaabsent sa class ni ma'am."

Another one wrote, "Akala ko si Catriona kaya pinusuan ko!"

Other student of Ms. Amalia went on to share what a considerate and kind teacher she is. She described her as their "happy pill."

Artzel's tweet has gone viral with over 66,000 likes.

Meanwhile, the now-viral teacher was overwhelmed with the attention. Ms. Amalia shared with The Summit Express, "I haven't been so active on any of my social media accounts for the past few weeks now, so I was shocked when I woke up and my phone had a lot of notifications."

"I got even more surprised when I saw that my picture had thousands of retweets and likes simply because never in my life did I think that I would go viral," she added.

The beautiful teacher also added that her parents were equally surprised and flattered by the attention. Ms. Amalia said, "My parents have always been supportive. They were very happy and thankful that my students appreciate all the efforts that I have been doing for the past year."

— Sally, The Summit Express

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