Paulo Avelino admits trying to commit suicide years ago

MANILA, Philippines – Actor Paulo Avelino opened up about his troubled past, including his attempt at ending his own life years ago.

Paulo Avelino attempted suicide years ago
Paulo Avelino attempted suicide years ago | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Paulo Avelino

On Twitter, followers of the actor was surprised when he shared a lengthy message about the importance of mental health awareness.

Paulo began by talking about one of his closest friends who committed suicide a year ago.

The actor said his friend's death came as a surprise to everyone. Paulo described him as "my go to person."

Paulo continued, "A lot of times, I would call him late in the evening feeling so low and he would travel miles just to keep me company and make sure I was in my right mental state of mind to continue one with life, constantly reminding me how privileged I am compared to a lot of people."

He continued that his friend even urged him to see his own son, Aki.

Paulo revealed that at one point in his life, he tried to end his own life but failed. He tweeted, "A few years back I tried (attempted) committing suicide.I survived. No one really knew aside from my closest friends and he was one of them."

Paulo continued how his friend stood by him as he recovered. He said, "He would switch shifts with a friend to stay with me in the hospital and even when I got discharged, just to make sure I wasn't stupid enough to do it again. Then it happened."

The actor shared the regret he felt realizing how selfish he was at that time.

Paulo tweeted, "All the time I needed support from my friends they were there. I was selfish. I demanded time and a part of their emotional state to flow along with mine."

He added, "All those messages and time I selfishly demanded are now regrets and baggage I would carry my whole life."

The actor went on to say a short message to his friend who had tragically left him a year.

Paulo wrote, "Thank you! I hope you are resting peacefully. I am living because of the hope and wisdom you engraved in me."

In the end, Paulo said he wished his revelation would somehow make a change or save a life.

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If you or you know someone suffering from suicidal thoughts or other mental health concerns, the National Center for Mental Health crisis hotline is open 24/7 through the following contact numbers:

0917-899-USAP (8727)

— Sally, The Summit Express

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