Paulo Avelino goes viral after posting witty replies to random questions about him

MANILA, Philippines – Kapamilya actor Paulo Avelino is on his playful self again as he replies to some random questions about him.

Paulo Avelino exchanges playful tweets with fans
Paulo Avelino exchanges playful tweets with fans | Photo Courtesy: Instagram/Paulo Avelino

On Twitter, the actor quickly went viral as he spent some time with his followers, exchanging some playful banter with them.

When a netizen called him "babe," Paulo gave a slapback and complained he wasn't "informed."

Another one also wanted to meet him but Paulo had a funny reason why he couldn't.

Paulo seems to have brought a lot of hugots as he posted one another.

The actor even warned his followers on the powers of his hugs.

Paulo also doesn't mind if your mother opens the door for him.

A netizen asked why Paulo still hasn't changed his profile photo, the actor went personal with the netizen in his reply.

When the actor's followers chided him for trying to promote his upcoming movie, Paulo gave an "honest" reply.

Meanwhile, Paulo will set to return to the big screen with his movie "Fan Girl." It was written and directed by Antoinette Jadaone, who already posted a teaser on her Instagram.

Paulo's upcoming movie "Fan Girl"
Paulo's upcoming movie "Fan Girl" | Photo Courtesy: Instagram/Antonette Jadaone

The photo shows Paulo trying to check the wound of a girl wearing a school uniform. To add to the anticipation, the girl, whom we assume to be the "fan girl" was hidden. Paulo was also said to be portraying "himself."

Production company Project 8 Corner San Joaquin Projects also shared a teaser of the movie, asking, "Paulo Avelino plays Paulo Avelino in Fan Girl. Who's the lucky fan girl? Or is she lucky at all?"

— Sally, The Summit Express

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