After 9 years in college and 9 failing grades, working student ranks Top 9 in board exam

MANILA, Philippines – Despite also juggling a full-time job with whole day reviews, Christian “Ichan” Arranz ranked Top 9 in the Mining Engineering Board Exams! He had also spent 9 years in college and experienced 9 failing grades and drops! The achievement earned him praise from many netizens who admired his determination – and made some people joke that “9” is most certainly his special number.
working student ranks Top 9 in Mining Engineer board exam

In a post on Facebook after learning about the results, Arranz shared his impressive journey towards reaching this important milestone in his life.

working student ranks Top 9 in Mining Engineer board exam
Photo credit: Christian Arranz / Facebook

According to Arranz, he had been a working student for most of his college life so he could help his parents. But being a working student meant that he could not focus on his studies as he had to juggle time for work; thus, he would spend 9 years in college. He also dropped out or failed in 9 subjects.

But even after graduation, he had to work non-stop to support himself and help his family.

During weekdays, he goes to the regular review classes from 9AM to 3PM at the University of the Philippines (UP), his alma mater. But his day does not end there as he then goes to work at Ortigas from 4PM to 8PM.

But as if that schedule isn’t hectic enough, Arranz also works during weekends. From 9AM to 8PM every Saturday and Sunday, he was spending time teaching senior high school students and his regular tutees, helping these young minds understand their lessons and get better grades in hopes of getting into their dream universities.

working student ranks Top 9 in Mining Engineer board exam
Photo credit: Christian Arranz / Facebook

There were times when exhaustion made him question whether he still has time to prepare for his board exams, yet he did not give up on his students.

“I thought I could not handle everything. It was tiring, exhausting. At times I was depressed because I didn't know if I could still prepare for the exam,” Arranz wrote. “But I can't give up my passion - I really love to teach. I know I can help so many others as much as I can help myself. It's the drive that keeps me going.”

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Despite spending so much time helping others and juggling time to work, Arranz passed the August 2017 Mining Engineering Board Exams with flying colors! He did not just pass, he also ranked ninth with a score of 88.25%.
working student ranks Top 9 in Mining Engineer board exam
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In his post, he thanked the people who helped him achieve his dreams. He also expressed hope that his story would inspire many students to strive harder to reach for their dreams.

“I hope this inspires every working student like myself to go beyond what you can do. Believe in yourself. Never let anyone judge you for what you can and cannot do - as long as you're doing good to others - do it! Because in the end, it's what your heart yearns for, it's your happiness that matters. #TrustMeImAnEngineer,” Arranz shared.

Arranz is now a full-time faculty teacher at the university. Congratulations, Sir!

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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