Girl with extreme eyesight problem strives hard to go to school

MANILA, Philippines – Every part of the human body has its own function and importance, but the eyes are among the most important because of their function in letting a person see the world. Eyes let us see where we are going, what we are about to eat, who we are talking to, and so much more!

Sadly, not everyone is gifted with excellent eyesight. In fact, there are thousands of people who were born blind or became blind due to a medical condition. Millions of people also have poor eyesight and need corrective glasses to help them regain a 20/20 vision.

A Grade 7 named Mae Sasutil studies at T’boli National High School in T'boli, South Cotabato. Her story recently went viral after her teacher shared a photo as she pored over a book, with her eyes just an inch away from the pages!

Girl with extreme eyesight problem strives hard to go to school

Girl with extreme eyesight problem strives hard to go to school
Photo credit: Rhea Depositario Manglicmot / Facebook

In a post shared by Rhea Depositario Manglicmot, the young woman could be seen trying her best to read from the page but was clearly having a very difficult time doing it because of her condition.

According to the teacher, Mae has congenital eye disorder which made her suffer from a very poor eyesight. She could only see something when it is very close to her face; thus, she had a hard time in her studies.

Still, this determined young lady did not let her poor eyesight stop her from going to school. Though she’s a bit behind kids her age, the 18-year-old girl tries her best to learn her lessons as a Grade 7 student.

One could just imagine how difficult it was for Mae to read the writings on the board when she could barely see the ones written on the pages of the book!

Thanks to the teacher’s post, Mae has received help from the local government and the Department of Education (DepEd). Many netizens have also promised to help her have the eyeglasses she needed to see clearly.

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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