Is this Angel Locsin’s reply to Luis Manzano’s viral reaction on her engagement?

MANILA, Philippines – Netizens are abuzz on the recent “online drama” involving former lovers Angel Locsin and Luis Manzano.

Netizen quickly jumped into conclusion that Angel Locsin's Instagram Story
Netizen quickly jumped into conclusion that Angel Locsin's Instagram Story was a shade towards her ex-boyfriend Luis Manzano. 

The issue began when a video clip of Manzano reacting to the recent engagement of his ex-girlfriend Locsin went viral online on Friday. A tweet shared by netizen Marvin Olivarez showed Manzano being asked for his reaction on the engagement.

Manzano can be heard saying, “Wala akong kinalaman sa kwento nila.”

When the reporter further asked if he is happy for Locsin, he replied, “Huwag niya ako idamay sa kwento niya. Hindi kailangan ang opinyon o pangalan ko diyan.”

Further asked, “So masaya ka right now?” Smiling, Manzano reiterated, “Basta wala akong kinalaman sa kwentong ‘yan.”

The video clip was viewed over 31,000 times earning mixed reactions from netizens. The netizen who posted the clip wrote, “Nanggigil ako kay Luis Manzano! Inaano ka ba ni Angel Locsin?”

Netizens slammed Luis for his “distasteful and bitter” comment towards Locsin. Some suggested it would have been more “gentlemanly” and polite for Manzano to simply say he was happy. Others defended Manzano saying he was only misinterpreted and that his reaction on the issue shouldn’t have been sought in the first place.

A netizen shared her reaction and tweeted, “Move on na @luckymanzano. Nakakatanda ang pagiging bitter.” The tweet got the attention of the host and clarified he meant “‘wag na” and not’ “hindi niya” kami idamay sa kwento niya.”

When netizens continued to have a divided reaction, Manzano added another comment to clarify that he might have sounded differently because he talked too fast.

Manzano tweeted his late reply on the issue insisting that he meant “wag niyo na” and that their opinion is irrelevant to the news of Locsin’s engagement.

Meanwhile, netizens have quickly noticed an intriguing Instagram post of Locsin shortly after the viral video of Manzano.

Locsin posted on her Instagram story a photo quote stating “Don’t ruin other people’s happiness just because you can’t find your own.”

Angel Locsin posts about ruining other people’s happiness
Angel Locsin posts about ruining other people’s happiness | Photo Courtesy: Instagram Story/Angel Locsin

Netizen quickly jumped into conclusion that it was a shade towards her ex-boyfriend.

Locsin announced engagement with her boyfriend Neil Arce on social media last July 5.

On the other hand, Manzano has just celebrated his third anniversary with actress Jessy Mendiola.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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