Pinoy nurse helps deliver a baby while aboard international flight

MANILA, Philippines – A Filipino nurse aboard an international flight helped deliver a baby boy.
Francis Dominic Mendoza helped deliver a baby boy while aboard international flight

Francis Dominic Mendoza helped deliver a baby boy while aboard international flight
Francis Dominic Mendoza helped deliver a baby boy while aboard international flight | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Francis Dominic Mendoza

What was supposed to be an uneventful flight home to the Philippines, turned into a memorable one for Francis Dominic Mendoza.

Mendoza, who works as a nurse in Dublin, Ireland was aboard a Qatar Airways flight for a vacation on July 9, 2019. At around 5:00 in the morning, a commotion happened when a pregnant woman suddenly went into labor.

The woman, who also turned out to be a Filipino, was traveling alone and was 37 weeks pregnant.

Mendoza's "nurse instincts" kicked in as he and another Filipina crew got to work preparing the mother for active labor. And at 35,000 feet high above the sky, they were able to safely deliver a healthy baby boy.

Mendoza recalled, "We wrapped the baby in a blanket and I monitored the mother’s vital signs using equipment from the plane’s first aid kit. I monitored her for signs of bleeding which is a concern after one gives birth."

The pilot asked the Filipino nurse if it was safe for the baby and the mother to continue a few more hours of flight to Manila.

Mendoza advised that while the mother's vital signs are stable, he was concerned she might start bleeding during the flight. The newborn baby was also at risk for hypothermia because of the temperature inside the plane and could easily get an infection.

An emergency landing was made in Bangkok, Thailand at 6:15 in the morning. Medics took the mother and child to hospital.

Mendoza shared that all the medical expenses were shouldered by Qatar Airways.

The 25-year-old nurse couldn't help but share how rewarding the feeling was to be of help during unusual emergencies.

Mendoza wrote, "I have never been so happy and fulfilled as a nurse! Assisting this woman who bravely delivered a healthy baby boy inside the plane while we were in the middle of the flight was just so Amazing. Nothing more!!!!”

He also brushed aside the "hero" label given to him by netizens for his actions.

"Although some people have called what I did a heroic act, I only did what a nurse should do in a situation like that,” Mendoza said.

The nurse, who was a graduate of University of Negros Occidental–Recoletos in Bacolod City, added that his motto in life is “have courage and be kind."

— Sally, The Summit Express

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