Lumad breaks barriers, graduates cum laude in ECE

A Lumad from Northern Mindanao is breaking barriers as he achieves his dream.
Lumad breaks barriers, graduates cum laude in ECE

Jession Diwangan, a Lumad of the Umajamnen Tribe in Bukidnon has graduated cum laude in BS Electronics Engineering Batch 2019 at Xavier University- Ateneo de Cagayan.

Lumad breaks barriers, graduates cum laude in ECE
Jession Diwangan graduated as cum laude in CDO school | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Richel Petalcurin

After living in the serene mountains, Diwangan couldn't believe his luck when he was granted a scholarship from Department of Science & Technology (DOST). Living in the busy city was far from what he imagine but Diwangan was determined.

He shared, “Hindi ko talaga alam ang gagawin kasi nanibago ako sa siyudad, nanibago ako sa klima at lifestyle ng mga tao. Kaya hindi ko ine-expect na may ma-achieve akong something.”

Richel Petalcurin, former moderator of university-based organization STREAM, shared on Facebook the heartwarming moment Diwangan wore a graduation toga. The proud graduate was with his equally proud mother, Gina.

Petalcurin met Diwangan 5 years ago and knew that the young man is “very bright.”

She wrote, “Five years ago he could barely turn on a computer, we even created an email account for him so he could submit his enrolment documents. He was so shy, he was culture shocked but very determined with his unbelievable wit ( grabe ka bright! ) despite that lack of enough finance and educational preparation.”

Diwangan's mother is beyond proud of her son's achievement. She said, “Masayang, masaya ako.. Sana maging salamin siya sa lahat ng kabataan.”

“The glitter in Nanay's eyes when she was choosing what to wear today, priceless,” Petalcurin described Nanay Gina as they prepared for the graduation rites.

To cap of the inspiring story, Diwangan was also chosen to be a scholar of the Philippine Development Foundation. He is now preparing to take the review for the Electronics Engineering board examination.

UPDATE: Jession Diwangan is among the 2,460 out of 4,977 who passed the October 2019 Electronics Engineer Licensure Examination.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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