Greenpeace clarifies PH cities clean air ranking “We have pollution problems”

MANILA, Philippines – The Greenpeace Philippines issued a statement on the recent report showing several Philippine cities dominating an “Air Quality” report.
Greenpeace clarifies PH cities clean air ranking “We have pollution problems”

Greenpeace expressed a warning in interpreting the recent results of the AirVisual 2018 World Air Quality Report. The study that ranks the “cleanest air” in the Southeast Asia, showed that as many as 11 out of the top 15 cities were from the Philippines.

The environmental organization said that the reason for the Philippines’ ranking was mainly due to “the inadequacies of the country’s existing air monitoring systems.”

Khevin Yu, campaigner of Greenpeace Philippines, stated that the result was not to be celebrated but to be worried about. Yu said, “The good ranking of Philippine cities in the global report is not a cause for celebration, as we have the least average number of monitoring stations per city in the region.”

He reiterated, “In fact, the report highlights the urgent need for more comprehensive, governmental, real-time monitoring networks for the public to fully understand the state of air quality in the Philippines.”

Yu explained that the study was based on a range of governmental monitoring sources and outdoor Air Visual air quality monitors operated by private individuals and organizations. Unfortunately, the Philippines doesn't have enough monitoring system to provide a more accurate result.

Yu said, “For lack of clear air monitoring systems in the Philippines, the study had to rely on the use of only 1 or 2 devices in the 16 cities highlighted, most of which are not located near coal-fired power plants, which are major contributors to dangerous PM 2.5 pollution.”

The Greenpeace representative said the result only represents a “small fraction of the air pollution” problem of the country.

Citing a 2016 study on coal emissions, Greenpeace urged the government to find solutions to reduce our air pollution and increase monitoring systems.

Southeast Asia's Cleanest Air

IQAir AirVisual and Greenpeace were responsible for the report on 2018 World Air Quality Report. While It showed that the Philippines, ranked 24th in the world’s most polluted index, it also has the most number of cities with the cleanest air.

To measure the levels of air pollution in 73 countries, AirVisual measures the amount of PM2.5 in the air, these are particulate matter that are 2.5 microns in size—small enough to be breathed in and spread throughout the body.

According to the result, Calamba in Laguna was rated cleanest city in Southeast Asia. Here's the list of Philippine cities included in the cleanest air ranking:

1. Calamba City
2. Valenzuela City
3. Carmona City
4. Parañaque City
5. Davao City
6. Makati City
7. Manila
8. Mandaluyong
9. Balanga, Bataan
10. Quezon City
11. Las Piñas City

— Sally, The Summit Express

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