Gatchalian blames K-12 for deteriorating performance of teachers, students

MANILA, Philippines – Senator Sherwin Gatchalian said that the quality of education in the Philippines is deteriorating, particularly due to the implementation of the K-12 program.

Gatchalian expressed his disappointment over the “alarming” state of education in the country. He said that the performance of teachers and students are “deteriorating”.

Win Gatchalian blames K-12
Senator Win Gatchaliam calls for a review of K to 12 program | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Sherwin Gatchalian

During the hearing on Senate committee on education, Gatchalian first cited the significant decline in the average passing scores of the results of the National Achievement Test (NAT) for Grace 6 and Grade 10 students in the last two years. He also noted that students performed poorly in Mathematics, English and Science.

“Before, Grade 6 was averaging at least above 50 percent and then our Grade 10…it’s barely passing 50 percent. But in the last two school years, bumaba siya below 50 percent for both Grade 6 and 10,” Gatchalian said.

The senator then pointed out the performance of teachers. Gatchalian explained, “And we also looked at the passing rate (of) LET (Licensure Examination for Teachers). To my surprise, pababa ng pababa ang passing rate ng LET, ng elementary teachers. From 33 percent, ngayon 27 percent.”

He added that it seems like it's easier to become a lawyer or a doctor than a teacher nowadays.

Gatchalian also noted the results of a job recruitment website, Jobstreet which showed that as much as 35% of employers were unwilling to hire K-12 graduates while 41% were still undecided.

The senator also mentioned a report stating while a college graduate waits for a year to be hired, a high school graduate supposedly gets 3 years to be accepted.

Gatchalian concluded, “And these are indicators that our high school graduates are not ready to participate in the labor force.”

Gatchalian, one of the main advocates of free higher education, called for a review of the implementation of the K-12 curriculum. He said, “Malaking dahilan dito ay yung K-12 natin at dapat ayusin ang implementation, yung curriculum. At tingnan din kung yung curriculum ay tama at tama yung execution.”

— Sally, The Summit Express

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