Aeta teacher who passed LET after 25 tries, now taking up PhD, inspires others to not give up

MANILA, Philippines – An Aeta teacher served as an inspiration to others to never give up on their dreams.

Teacher Gennie Panguelo is an Aeta who showed that when it comes to pursuing your dreams, failures shouldn't stop you.

Aeta teacher who passed LET after 25 tries
Teacher Gennie didn’t give up on her dreams | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/ Gennie Panguelo

Teacher Gennie is now working at Tarukan Elementary School in Tarlac. But years ago, he was a struggling dreamer who wanted to break barriers and become a teacher.

In an interview with Doc Willie Ong, teacher Gennie shares that after graduating with a degree in Education, she started working in the Department of Education as a teacher to her fellow Aetas. Around 1988, Teacher Gennie said that the government was still lenient to professional licenses. Aeta teachers like her who didn't take the Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET) were allowed to teach.

Teacher Gennie started taking the LET in 1990. Around 2010, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) already began their warning to those teachers without licenses. She said that ridicules and insults were beginning to be thrown at her. She said, “Sinasabi nila matanda ka na, 'di ka pa pumapasa.” At that time, she had taken the LET 15 times already.

And as luck would have it, Teacher Gennie was thankful that he was granted a scholarship under the Carl Balita Review Center (CBRC).

Finally, Teacher Gennie achieved her dreams as she passed the Elementary LET on her 25th try in March 2016 exam. She is beyond grateful for her CBRC and DepEd families. The inspiring teacher also gave a message to those aspiring LET examinees who have failed the board too.

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She said, “Sa mga kabataan na tulad kong naghangad na maging titulado, huwag po kayong manghinayang. Kapag bumagsak, bumangon ulit. Kasi hindi lang nakukuha sa isang pagkakataon, kailangan natin ng tunay sa loob, sinseridad, at pagtitiyaga.”

Teacher Gennie is an inspiration
Teacher Gennie is an inspiration | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Gawad Agila

Teacher Gennie is now finishing her PhD in Teaching and Management after she finishes her Master's Degree.The inspirational teacher went on to win Carl Balita's Gawad Agila 2018 Award.

Teacher Gennie is a “ Maestra”

Teacher Gennie’'s life was turned into a movie under the Carl Balita Productions. The film was entitled, “Maestra” which showed Teacher Gennie's struggles and successes. The movie synopsis goes, “Teacher Gennie is half-Aeta / half-Ilocana para-teacher who defies the odds to help build up a school for indigenous children of Mt. Pinatubo. She walks four hours everyday to school just to teach students who mostly have slim chances of completing a school year.”

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You can watch the video here:

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