Lea Salonga slams ‘extreme level’ PWD ramp near restaurant

MANILA, Philippines – Lea Salonga recently slammed the ‘extreme level’ PWD ramp located near a restaurant somewhere in the Philippines, the exact location of which wasn’t identified by the photo uploader. The post garnered mixed reactions from netizens.
Lea Salonga slams ‘extreme level’ PWD ramp near restaurant

After suffering from leg injury while skiing in Japan, the singer was forced to cancel her concerts in Hong Kong and Singapore. More importantly, though, the experience had shown Lea just how difficult it can be for people with mobility problems to get around Metro Manila, leading the actress to become an advocate for Person With Disability (PWD) rights.

“If there’s anything the last few days have given me, it’s a little perspective. Getting around on crutches and a wheelchair is hella difficult, and shows how un-PWD-friendly our metropolis is. And I already have it easy,” she tweeted last January 18.

A lot of her fans agreed. Many shared their own experiences and others also sent her photos confirming her thoughts.

One of these is the ramp at the restaurant that was so steeply inclined it would be impossible for a PWD with mobility problems to use this, even if there is a sturdy handlebar beside it.

Lea Salonga slams ‘extreme level’ PWD ramp near restaurant
Photo credit: Jeffrey John Imutan / Facebook

The singer shared the post with the caption, “No, no, a thousand times, no. Whoever was in charge of that ramp needs to be taken out and shot.”

This garnered mixed reactions from Lea’s fans and followers, with many joking that this is an ‘extreme level’ ramp. Someone even dubbed the ramp as the “Mt. Everest of ramps”.

“That’s not a ramp, it’s a built in sign board. Break out the chalk,” a netizen joked.

Others joked that this might just be a playground slide for the kids.

Many were also serious about the situation, saying someone should do something to change this ramp to provide PWDs with something they could actually use.

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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