Topnotcher in January 2019 Architecture board exam shares secret to success

Justine Lei Ramos topped the January 2019 Architecture licensure examinations (ALE) with a score of 83.80%. A graduate of Cebu Institute of Technology-University (CIT-U) in Cebu City, she bested 1,120 passers in the board exams held last January 25 and 27.

The young lady admitted that she did not expect to top the licensure exams as she was only hoping to pass and get a license so she can build her dream house for her family in Alegria, their hometown in southern Cebu.

Topnotcher in January 2019 Architecture board exam shares secret to success
Photo credit: Delta Dyrecka Letigio / Cebu Daily News

But it was her dad who pushed her to aim higher, telling her to try making it to the Top 10 so that if she failed that part, at least she would still pass.

Determined to Pass

Ramos had set her eyes on that dream house for her family and to also make her father proud.

According to Ramos, she was determined to pass the exams to give back to her father who used to be an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) to send them to school and provide a better life for their family. However, her dad was recently retrenched from his job.

“My greatest inspiration was my father who worked as an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) in Saudi Arabia and who was recently retrenched from his job. When he lost his job, I knew I had to pass that exam,” Ramos shared.

With a goal to pass and make her father happy, Ramos deactivated her Facebook account to focus more on preparing for the Architecture licensure exams. She also spent as much as 14 hours at the 24/7 Cebu City Library, studying her lessons and truly making sure she would come prepared for the tests.

Topnotcher in January 2019 Architecture board exam shares secret to success
Photo credit: Cebu Daily News

Her hard work and dedication paid off. She exceeded everyone’s expectations; not only did she pass the board exams, she’s the topnotcher!

Her secret to success?

“Try to dream big and don’t be afraid to take risks,” Ramos said.

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From MedTech to Architecture

But Ramos surprised everyone by sharing that Architecture had not been her first choice in college. She started out as a MedTech student; however, though she passed the course, she didn’t enjoy the subjects and didn’t find pleasure in conquering the challenges being offered by the course.

With a passion for drawing and making designs, she shifted to Architecture and found her true calling.

“When I started taking up architecture, I realized this is where I was meant to be,” Ramos shared.

For making the school, the topnotcher will receive a cash prize from CIT-U; though the amount was still undisclosed as of press time. The school has also offered her a teaching job; though Ramos said she’ll think about the offer first as she just wants to relax for a couple of months at her hometown before seeing what direction her life would go according to God’s plan.

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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