WATCH: Miss Intercontinental Vietnam channels Catriona's magma gown and lava walk

    MANILA, Philippines – The 47th Miss Intercontinental has recently crowned our very own Karen Gallman as the pageant's winner.

    While Karen made headlines for winning the Philippines’ first Miss Intercontinental crown, another beauty queen is also making buzz online.

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    Miss Vietnam seemed to “copy” Miss Universe Catriona Gray’s lava walk
    Netizens couldn’t help but notice that Miss Vietnam seemed to “copy” Miss Universe Catriona Gray’s lava walk | Screengrab: Miss Intercontinental and Miss Universe

    Netizens and pageants enthusiasts are slowly talking about Miss Vietnam as her walk during the pageant was quite familiar. Donning a flaming red sequined dress with a thigh-high slit, Miss Vietnam sashayed down the runway.

    Netizens couldn't help but comment that she seems to be channeling our very own Miss Universe Catriona's Gray's magma gown and even the viral lava walk.

    Miss Vietnam Le Au Ngan Anh is 23-year old from Tien Giang Province. She was crowned Miss Ocean Vietnam 2017.

    Does Miss Vietnam’s gown look familiar?
    Does Miss Vietnam’s gown look familiar? | Screengrab: Miss Intercontinental

    While some netizens criticized Miss Vietnam even calling her a “ copycat”, others were more open-minded and called the act “flattering.” Some defended Ngan Anh saying that she may just be a fan of Catriona.

    Miss Vietnam Le Au Ngan Anh placed 4th in the competition. 3rd runner-up was won by Miss Colombia Hillary Hollmann, 2nd runner-up is Miss Solvak Republic, Laura Longauerova while 1st runner-up is Miss Costa Rica Adriana Moya Alvarado.

    You can watch the video here:

    Did Miss Vietnam copy Catriona's walk...and gown? Share us your thoughts.

    — Sally, The Summit Express
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