Pinoy team wins international snow-sculpting competition in Canada

MANILA, Philippines – At around the same time a Filipino, Rogel Cabisidan, was named as “King of Ice Carvings” for winning the 28th Valloire International Ice Sculpture Competition in France, a team of Filipinos won in the First International Snow-Sculpting Competition in Alberta, Canada.

Held during the Snow Days Festival in Banff last January 17 to 19, Team Baisas took home both the First Place (Judges’ Pick) and the People’s Choice Awards with their snow sculpture called “Tangle”.

The team is composed of brothers Ross and Antonio Baisas with their wives, Marites and Maria Elena. Just like Cabisidan who won in France, the Baisas also hail from Paete, Laguna; the place is also known as the “Woodcarving Capital of the Philippines”.

Ross and Antonio Baisas snow-sculpting competition Canada
Photo credit: Manila Standard

The four are overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who have been working in Canada for years; with Antonio arriving in Canada in 1996 and Ross in 2002.

Ross and Marites Baisas live in Montreal while Antonio and Maria Elena are based in Ottawa.

During the competition held in Banff, the couples created a snow sculpture they called “Tangle” which features two moose whose antlers are interlocked with each other.

They bested five other competitors to take home the two awards. The winning piece as well as the others made during the competition are currently on display at Bear Street in Banff.

For the brothers who grew up surrounded by family and friends who are into wood carving, ice carving is a relatively easier thing to do.

Ross and Antonio Baisas snow-sculpting competition Canada
Photo credit: Global News

“Wood, it’s hard to carve. Ice, it’s more easy to carve,” Antonio said.

Of course, while ice is easier to carve, they have to do it in a less comfortable setting; but they don’t really mind.

“You have to be passionate about it. Working outside for 34 hours is hard in cold temperature, wearing this bulky jacket and gloves and stuff like that. You have to like what you do, and fortunately, we like what we do,” Ross explained.

Ice on Whyte Competition

Team Baisas impressed many people with their creation at the First International Snow-Sculpting Competition, but this was not the first time they won in an international snow-sculpting event.

Last year, they also took home the prize for the Ice on Whyte international snow-sculpting competition held in Edmonton, Alberta. The team also plans on attending the competition this year.

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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