Meningococcemia rare disease scares Pateros residents; Mayor issues statement

MANILA, Philippines – The Mayor of Pateros has issued a statement today, January 7, to calm the fears of the residents on the alleged meningococcemia disease in the municipality.
Meningococcemia rare disease scares Pateros residents; Mayor issues statement

On Facebook, several netizens from Pateros warned the public about an alleged meningococcemia case.

A certain Toinks Iray Aileen posted on Facebook group “Titos and Titas of Pateros” that a patient has been admitted at Alley 11 Ace Hospital with the symptoms of meningococcemia. A post from Geian Dabu has also shared her fears. She wrote, “Kanina nung pag labas ko sa bayan halos yung matatanda na nakakasabay ko sa lakaran eh ayan ang pinag uusapan. Sana mabigyan linaw para mawala ang pag aalala nang bawat isa lalo na sa malapit sa alley11.”

Meningococcemia rare disease scares Pateros residents
Meningococcemia rare infectious disease scares Pateros residents | Photo Courtesy: Vaccine Information

There have also been post of a photo about warning in public school. A particular photo explained that a certain Dr. Raymundo clarified that the suspected meningococcemia case has yet to be confirmed. The statement further added that the suspected patient is in San Lazaro Hospital and those who came in contact with him have been given preventive prophylaxis. It also advised teachers and students who came in contact with the patient suspected with meningococcemia to visit the nearest health center as soon as possible.

Meningococcemia rare disease scares Pateros residents

Meningococcemia is highly infectious

Meningococcemia is a rare infection characterized by upper respiratory tract infection, fever, skin rash and lesions, eye and ear problems, and possibly a sudden state of extreme physical depression (shock) which may be life-threatening without appropriate medical care. Symptoms usually begins with sudden intense headache, nausea, fever, vomiting, and skin rash. Around half of the total number of cases of meningococcal disease occur in children under 4 years old.

Meningococcemia is highly infectious and must be treated immediately. Once admitted in a hospital, the patient must be kept in an isolated room to stop the bacteria from spreading.

Mayor Pateros calms fears

Amidst the fears of the public, Pateros Mayor Miguel "Ike" Ponce has clarified that there are no basis to the claims of a meningococcal infection in their area.

Mayor Pateros calms fears meningococcemia

Mayor Ponce confirmed that there was a patient from Alley 11, Sta. Ana that was taken by an ambulance to Ace Hospital last January 4 (Friday). He added that the patient had the symptoms of a meningococcemia infection and immediate prophylaxis was given to emergency personnel and others who came in contact with the patient.

Mayor Ponce said that the patient has been transferred to San Lazaro Hospital to be treated and observed. He added that as of now, the case is still not confirmed to be a meningococcemia infection. He said that the people of Pateros need not to worry, “Wala tayong dapat ikabahala o ikatakot dahil wala pong kumakalat na meningococcemia sa atin bayan at sa ngayon ay wala pa pong kumpiramdong tinamaan ng sakit na ito sa ating mga kababayan.”

Meningococcemia in Manila

Last year, an 8-year-old student died after he was infected with meningococcemia. The Manila Health Office confirmed the case and that the student was from Paco Catholic School. Unfortunately, the student died just a day after she was diagnosed with meningococcal disease.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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