DFA chief on Tony Labrusca: “Deport him”

MANILA, Philippines – Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. said that actor Tony Labrusca should just be deported.
DFA chief on Tony Labrusca: “Deport him”

Locsin has reacted on the incident involving Labrusca and a few Immigration officers at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). His short solution is to just send the Kapamilya actor back to the United States.

Locsin tweeted, “Just deport him.”

The internet went abuzz when reports broke out that Fil-Am actor Labrusca allegedly cursed, shouted and even bragged about his popularity to Immigration officers who denied giving him a Balikbayan visa. The actor returned to the Philippines from a vacation overseas. Without his Filipino parents and holding a US passport, Labrusca was only granted 30 days to stay in the country by the Philippine Immigration.

DFA chief on Tony Labrusca: “Deport him”
DFA secretary Locsin said Labrusca should just just be deported | Photo Courtesy: Twitter/Teddy Boy Locsin

Netizens were quick to tag Locsin on Twitter to hear his views. At first, the DFA chief who is quite active on social media admitted he didn't know who Labrusca was. When photos of the actor were posted, Locsin commented, “His clothes are too big for him.”

DFA chief on Tony Labrusca: “Deport him”
Secretary Locsin isn't pleased with Labrusca's behavior | Photo Courtesy: Twitter/Teddy Boy Locsin

He also replied to a netizen who tagged him saying, “@maricejasmine Just read more about what happened. I have no idea who he is. Enlighten me. The only celebrities I know are Superstars like Sharon and Kris.”

After learning about the incident, Locsin also replied, “If he tried that in the US he would have gotten an r*ctal search.”

But can the DFA deport?

Decisions on deportation issues are handled by the Bureau of Immigration (BI), which is an agency attached of the Department of Justice.

The BI already issued a statement following Labrusca's behavior at NAIA. The agency gave a reminder that there are certain limits to privileges given to balikbayans.

Dana Krizia Sandoval, spokesperson for the BI, explained that that the Balikbayan visa is not granted to all individuals of Filipino lineage. She said, “The privilege is for former Filipinos and their immediate family members who are traveling with them. If these family members are not traveling with them, then they are not qualified.”

Sandoval also reminded that it is against the law to disrespect immigration authorities and violators may be blacklisted.

‘Tony is deeply sorry’

Meanwhile, Labrusca already issued a public apology for the incident. On Twitter, the actor said he is “deeply sorry” for what happened.

‘Tony is deeply sorry’
Tony Labrusca has publicly apologized for the incident | Photo Courtesy: Instagram/Tony Labrusca

The Glorious actor also admitted he was not aware of some visa rules. Labrusca tweeted, “I was unaware of the policy that because I was not with my mother, I did not qualify for a Balikbayan stamp.”

— Sally, The Summit Express

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