Diokno confirms China to hire at least 10,000 Pinoy workers, teachers

MANILA, Philippines – China is expected to hire thousands of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and English language teachers for deployment in Mainland China, Budget Secretary Benjamin E. Diokno announced on Monday.

Diokno confirmed that job opportunities await our countrymen in the Chinese land. He added that this is just one of the economic benefits of our country's closer relations with China and the state visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and Chinese President Xi Jinping.
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The two countries agreed to hire through a government-to-government arrangement (G2G) and not through a third party like recruitment agencies. With this arrangement, workers can expect higher wages. Diokno said, “In fact, the fear of some people is that those who are working now in Hong Kong will now transfer to [mainland] China because the terms will be much much higher.”

Diokno said that China is initially looking at hiring 10,000 OFWs, particularly domestic helpers to work for expatriates in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong.

Aside from helpers, China is interested in hiring English-language teachers from the Philippines. However, due to the implementing rules and regulations (IRR) of the Philippine-China memorandum of agreement (MOA) signed early this month, only teachers from private schools are allowed to apply.

The IRR was signed last November 8 but was only made public on Monday, November 19. The restriction was made to ensure that the Philippines will not have a shortage of public school teachers.

The qualifications for English-language teachers position include:
  • Must have a bachelor’s degree or above from normal universities or in education or English language from Philippine educational institutions accredited by the Chinese government.
  • Has not been charged or convicted of any crime or administrative offense
  • In good physical and mental-health condition
  • Tther requirements mutually agreed upon by the Philippines and China.

Hired applicants will be employed in tertiary educational institutions in China.

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) said that they are still awaiting further details from China.

DOLE's statement said, “The number of Filipino teachers of English language that can enter China under this MOA shall be based on the actual situation of market supply and demand determined through negotiation between the Philippines and China.”

According to 2016 data of POEA, there was a significant increase of deployed OFWs in China by 39% from 6,564 in 2015 to 9,166.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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