VIDEO: Team Vhong-Ryan takes a stand against bullying in Magpasikat 2018

MANILA, Philippines – On Thursday, Team Vhong delighted the madlang people with a performance worth of applause and cheers for Magpasikat 2018.

This year, the team of Vhong Navarro was with Ryan Bang, Hashtags Nikko Natividad, CK Kieron, Paulo Angeles and Girltrends Dawn Chang, Maika Rivera.

Team Vhong-Ryan takes a stand against bullying in Magpasikat 2018
Team Vhong tackles issue of bullying | Photo Courtesy: ABS-CBN Entertainment

The team worked together to present a closer look at bullying. Ryan was portrayed as “being slow” and “lampa” by his co-workers. Being the center of ridicule and criticism, Ryan was often left behind and felt that he was not enough. The team made use of what Vhong is known for- dancing adding optical illusion and fancy lights to present a catchy performance.

Team Vhong-Ryan takes a stand against bullying in Magpasikat 2018
Team Vhong and Ryan teaches lessons how bullying destroys lives. | Photo Courtesy: Instagram/Anna Karylle

The skit continued to show how Ryan dreamt of being accepted for his flaw but a surprising twist turned his dreams into dust. They end their performance with a loud message of “No to bullying.”

When their performance was over, tears fell from the audience including hosts Mariel and Vice Ganda. Vhong also shared how he named Ryan’s character to his father who recently passed away.


This year’s judges didn’t fall short with compliments for the team’s efforts. Judges Ronnie and Mariz Ricketts admitted that the performance felt like a movie. Ronnie said, “Ang galing ng lights, effects, animation parang pelikula.”

Empoy enjoyed the presentation and commented how they were so many people were tearful and felt the emotions.

Judge Shalani Romulo called the performance a “very timely” as it focuses on the pressing issue of bullying.

Even Judge Rey Abellana also spared words of admiration for Vhong and Ryan's performance. He said, “Napahanga niyo po kami.”

Last year, The Team of Vhong Navarro brought home the bacon with a perfect score of 10. It was Vhong’s first time to win grand champion in Magpasikat.

Tomorrow, we can expect another impressive presentation from the Team of Karylle and Jhong.

You can watch the performance of Team Vhong and Ryan here (video courtesy of ABS-CBN Entertainment):

— Sally, The Summit Express

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