Study: Short people tend to be more violent than tall people

Do you think that someone’s height can affect his/her personality?
Short people tend to be more violent than tall people

While many people have noticed that there are a lot of short people who behave differently than taller ones, scientists recently released a study that confirmed what many have suspected all along: short people tend to be more violent than taller people. They, the short ones, are also believed to get angry must faster and deeper than the taller ones!

Researchers at the Centres for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia, asked 600 men with ages ranging from 18 to 50 to answer a questionnaire which asked them to disclose their heights as well their perception or behavior in accordance with crime and violence.

The study aimed to check whether there was a correlation between a man’s height and his perception towards anger and violence.

Short people tend to be more violent than tall people
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The study reportedly concluded that shorter men feel less masculine and are more at risk in committing violent acts compared with taller men who feel more masculine. The study revealed that short people are three times more prone to violence than tall people!

The scientists believe this was due to male discrepancy stress wherein the guy feels he has to compensate for his lack of height by being more masculine; but the ‘masculine’ tendency is to get angry easily and show a display of force.

Another team from Oxford University also reported a similar finding, calling this the ‘Short Man Syndrome’. In the report, it was claimed that the man’s shorter height increases his feelings of vulnerability and increases levels of paranoia. Again, this is ‘corrected’ with a show of force and supposedly becoming more masculine by showing violent tendencies.

But researchers have acknowledged that it is possible the test subjects are too few to make a generalization, especially because male height has always been a taboo topic even in this modern society.

Others pointed out that this has long been a ‘known fact’ and best exemplified by the so-called ‘Napoleon Complex’ which pertains to Napoleon Bonaparte, the famous French emperor who rose to fame for conquering most of Europe during the early part of the 19th century.

Napoleon Bonaparte
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He was reportedly short at just 5’2” but historians have since corrected this notion, saying he was actually about 5’7” and the height ‘error’ was due to wrong mistakes in conversions between the usual linear measure and the French version of the ‘inch’.

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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