Teacher proudly shares photo of ‘PowerPoint presentation’ by student with no laptop

These days, we take modern technology such as cellphones and the internet for granted. Everyone assumes you have a smartphone and a Facebook account while teachers assume that students have access to computers and the internet, requiring them to do online research on their projects or PowerPoint presentations for their reports.
Student with no laptop earns praises online with her ‘PowerPoint presentation’

A teacher recently went viral for proudly sharing the ‘PowerPoint presentation’ of a student who didn’t own a laptop but reactions were mixed on this one.

Teacher: Ready your report tomorrow, huh? Powerpoint.
Student: Yes, sir. Pero wala po akong laptop, sir.
T: Please find a way.
Next morning... Salute to this girl. I love you. 😇

Teacher proudly shares photo of ‘PowerPoint presentation’ by student with no laptop
Photo credit: Twitter / @Ah_ahmazing

The teacher explained that the girl is a working student. Because she did not own a laptop, she printed out her report, presumably at a computer shop, and pasted these on the board as ‘PowerPoint presentation’.

He was quite impressed at the way she improvised her report despite not having a laptop.

“She is a working student who needs to work 6 hours a day before going to class. I understand if she was not able to transfer her visual aids to a more appropriate paper for she has no time at all. Yet she delivered perfectly everything in her report, detail by detail,” the teacher explained in a follow-up tweet.

While many netizens were impressed at the student’s determination, they were angry at the teacher for making her life difficult. Indeed, many could not help but point out that the student still used a computer to work on the report; thus, she probably has access to a desktop computer where she’s working or at a computer shop. This means that she could still create a PowerPoint presentation and use a flash drive for the report.

It angered netizens, however, when the teacher didn’t offer to let her borrow his laptop even just for the presentation. Several netizens pointed this out but the teacher claimed he was only trying to make his students find ways to do the report without always depending on him.

Others were also angry that he required his students to make a PowerPoint presentation but would not let them use his laptop. Still, if he was able to appreciate this student’s report, some noted that he’s probably teaching them a life lesson and did not really force them to work on a PowerPoint presentation.

But there were also others who pointed out that though the student found a way to circumvent the requirement, her report was not really that impressive.

“The general rule in class reporting is that you're not supposed to put everything you're going to say in your visual aid, whether it's a PowerPoint presentation or a manila paper. If she did present this in a bigger paper for everyone to see, then we still have a problem,” a netizen pointed out.

“It doesn't matter if she's a working student or that she didn't have the technology.
The visual aid is not a visual aid, and you shouldn't be promoting this kind of faulty student practice.
Sometimes, working hard is not enough. You need to train your students to work smart.”

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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