Student by day, 'balut' vendor by night

    MANILA, Philippines – Meet this 16-year-old student who studies by day and has been working hard as a 'balut’ vendor by night.

    For Sherwill Angel de Guzman of Calasiao, Pangasinan, life wasn't easy. Born into a poor family with 5 other siblings, they had to help their parents make meet ends.

    Student by day, 'balut' vendor by night
    Student by day, balut vendor by night | Screengrab: Facebook/Balitang Amianan

    After spending a day at school, she would then sit in a small stall along the street selling 'balut.’ There, she would go back to her school works with only a 'lampara’ as her source of light. De Guzman said that their poverty and her parents’ hardwork are her motivation to finish studies.

    “Dahil po yung paghihirap nila mama ko, 'pag, yung para mabayaran ko rin, kasi po pag 'di pa po nakapagtapos sayang po yung paghihirap nila,” De Guzman said.

    The Grade 10 student that isn't easy but she's doing her best. She even had a complete attendance in class. “Medyo mahirap, kasi po pag may quiz mahirap pong mag-review, pagsabayin, ganoon. Kaya naman po,” De Guzman stated.

    Freddie Gaspar, teacher of De Guzman shared that she's an inspiration to many. He said, “Kaya bilib ako sa kanya kung ganyan yung kanyang pananaw sa buhay, dahil nga siya yung mayroong, gustong maging, gumanda yung kanyang buhay in the future.”

    De Guzman hopes someday to become a nurse. She shared a message to her fellow student to study hard and to value their parents’ sacrifices. She added, “Yung mga paghihirap ng mga magulang niyo, huwag niyo pong sayangin, huwag niyo pong sayangin at baliwalain dahil para sa inyo po 'yan.”

    De Guzman’s sister, Claire shared on Facebook their family's gratefulness for all the compliments that her sister received. She said, “Mahirap? Oho, mahirap. Pero siyempre tiis at tiyaga lang. Lahat din naman ng ito sa huli ay may katuturan.”

    — Sally, The Summit Express
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