‘Sinturon’ vendor graduates summa cum laude

    MANILA, Philippines – It is a sad reality in life that most people are born poor; only a lucky few were born so rich that they don’t have to worry about anything for the rest of their lives, even if they live twice as long as most people.
    ‘Sinturon’ Vendor Graduates Summa Cum Laude

    But it is said that what you do with the life you are given largely determines your later success in life.

    One young man in Lucena City, Quezon, went viral for his inspiring story.

    Raymart S. Reyes summa cum laude
    Photo credit: Denver Jardiolin Medina

    Raymart S. Reyes recently graduated summa cum laude with the course of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from ABE International Business College - Lucena Campus.

    But his story was made more inspiring by the fact that he had once been a ‘sinturon’ (belt) vendor who could have chosen to stay a vendor but he turned his life around, managing to excel despite his situation.

    Raymart S. Reyes summa cum laude
    Photo credit: Denver Jardiolin Medina

    The son of a farmer and a pandan-leaf weaver, Raymart was born poor. Throughout most of his student life, he was just an ‘ordinary’ student who didn’t even belong to the topnotchers in high school.

    After high school, he went to Manila to try his luck and to save money for college. He sold belts and wallets, walking around the big city for around 18 km per day from Baclaran to Monumento, just to sell his goods.

    After his stint in Manila, he went back to Quezon province to finish his studies. He requested the school to adjust his schedule so he can still have time to do his duties as working student to pay for his tuition fees and other needs; thankfully, the school approved his request.

    Raymart S. Reyes summa cum laude
    Photo credit: Denver Jardiolin Medina

    Who would have thought that the ‘ordinary’ student, who wasn’t even on the honor roll in high school, would graduate with the highest honors possible from college? Despite the years he spent away from school, he managed to graduate from college with flying colors. Wow.

    Congratulations, Raymart S. Reyes!

    — Joy Adalia, The Summit Express
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