Woman Shames Date for Only Letting Her Order Water, Receives Mixed Reactions

MANILA, Philippines – In this modern day where most women work and many even have higher salaries than men, are guys really still expected to pay for everything you eat on a date?
Woman Shames Date for Only Letting Her Order Water, Receives Mixed Reactions

One woman tried to shame her date on Twitter, complaining about how her date had only ‘allowed’ her to order water. But the tweet massively backfires, with many people slamming for her shaming the guy when he had given a lot of effort to take her out even if he’s broke!

The woman, who goes by the handle @LeBaerut on Twitter, shared a photo of the food she and her date ordered.

Woman Shames Date for Only Letting Her Order Water, Receives Mixed Reactions

“You know he's broke when he only lets you order water,” she captioned the photo.

To be fair to this guy, whoever he was (thankfully, she didn’t name him or post his picture), he had let her order any food she wanted, except for the drink. Her food certainly appears fancier than his hamburger which didn’t even appear to have any cheese in it. She also got fries with her food; thus, she wasn’t really that ‘restricted’.

But many people just could not get over the fact that this woman shamed her date over something as simple as only letting her order water. While it is true that water (service water, anyway) comes free with all orders at any restaurant, the guys must have been really broke to restrict her to it since soda isn’t really that expensive either.

A number of people slammed @LeBaerut for the tweet, telling her that she should be grateful her man still tried to take her out on a date even if he didn’t have a lot of money; she should just appreciate his effort.

Others weren’t so lenient, however. A number called her shallow, saying that dates are supposed to be a time you spend getting to know each other and having fun together, not something that should be focused on food or whether he can afford to let you order anything you want.

Many also said that in these modern times, ladies are expected to pay their share of the meal, especially if she knows her guy is broke! If she really wanted a drink fancier than water, then she should have ordered one and paid for it.

But there were those who took her side, of course. These people believe that because the guy asked her out, he should have been ready to feed her anything she wanted or shouldn’t have taken her to a place he couldn’t afford.

Hmmmm. In this debate, which side are you on?

— Danielle Ramos, The Summit Express

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