Gamer mom refuses to check food she’s cooking while playing ‘Mobile Legends’

MANILA, Philippines – While moms are often the ones who tell their kids to stop playing games on their mobile phones or computers and use their time to do worthwhile things like chores at home, one mom recently went viral for the complete opposite.

Instead of this mom admonishing her kids, it was her son who kept telling her to stop playing the game and check on the food she’s cooking. LOL.

While it was really more of a joke than a real order for mom to stop playing on her mobile phone and get back to cooking, a lot of netizens had a good time cheering her on.

Gamer mom Mobile Legends
Photo credit: Facebook/ Jojo Osuna

Jojo Osuna shared the video on Facebook, captioning it, “Mommy, gutom na kami!!!” (Mommy, we’re hungry!!!)

In the clip, Jojo’s mother could be seen playing what appears to be Mobile Legends, a multi-player online battle arena mobile game that is usually popular among young people. It was clear that this mommy was not just pretending to play with the game for her son to take a video – she really knew how to play the game and was really more concerned on winning than checking on the food she’s cooking.

People loved how this mother could be so adept in something that is usually done by young people. She might even beat you at the game!

As for her son asking her to stop playing, many laughed and said that this is the first time they witnessed a role reversal because all the moms they knew are the ones telling their kids to quit playing on their phones!

Gamer mom Mobile Legends
Photo credit: Jojo Osuna / Facebook

Other netizens suggested that Jojo be the one to finish the food his mom was cooking, saying his mom deserves to have a break just like every other mom out there. Of course, it was clear that this was partly a joke. It is possible that Jojo did cook the food but was just trying to tease his gamer mom.

Mommy gutom na kami!!!
Posted by Jojo Osuna on Saturday, May 19, 2018

— Danielle Ramos, The Summit Express

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