Maricar Reyes Claims ‘Harmless’ Texting is Still Cheating, Especially if There’s a Kilig Factor

Is texting someone of the opposite gender considered as cheating if you are just exchanging ‘harmless’ messages? Maricar Reyes believes so – and she readily admits to having ‘cheated’ on an ex-boyfriend with the exchange of these so-called ‘harmless’ messages with another guy…
Maricar Reyes Claims ‘Harmless’ Texting is Still Cheating

Maricar is now happily married to Richard Poon but has been embroiled in controversy in the past, particularly with celebrity doctor Hayden Kho. But Maricar has since recovered from that bad blow in her career, becoming once again a respected woman in the showbiz industry.

Having been a ‘third party’ in the past, Maricar knows how relationships can get easily damaged by such situations. According to her, she and Richard are doing their best to work as a team for their marriage to work.

Maricar Reyes and Richard Poon
Celebrity couple Maricar Reyes and Richard Poon. Photo credit: Facebook / Relationship Matters Ph

But she pointed out that cheating doesn’t always have to be physical. There’s this thing called ‘emotional cheating’ – and whether you ‘upgrade’ to the next level to actually physically cheat on your guy/girl or just keep doing this ‘harmless’ thing, it is still a form of cheating.

Maricar claims that even ‘harmless’ texting can be considered cheating, especially if there’s already a ‘kilig’ factor involved.

In a post on their blog, Relationship Matters Ph, Maricar wrote about the time when she began exchanging ‘harmless’ text messages with Steve (not his real name), a guy she met through a mutual friend.

“Days after, we exchanged some “harmless” messages: “Stuck in traffic! What u doing?”, “Hey I just passed by your school!”, “Know any good restos in QC?”, “Bored! ‘Musta???” she wrote.
She has a boyfriend at the time but their relationship was already rocky.. Soon, she began to look forward more to the messages she gets from Steve than those from her boyfriend.

Maricar Reyes Claims ‘Harmless’ Texting is Still Cheating
Photo credit: Facebook / Relationship Matters Ph

“I didn’t want to admit it back then, but Steve’s messages weren’t ordinary to me. May konting kilig, so I felt guilty. I’d make myself feel better by thinking, ‘I’m not doing anything wrong. Steve is just a friend,’” she tried to justify.

The messages might be ordinary and really just ‘harmless’ but when you begin to look forward to receiving them, it’s really cheating already, right? And if your partner is doing the same thing to his/her friend, how would you feel?

“Would I be OK, if my boyfriend was exchanging messages with a girl that he had some “kilig” for? It’s absolutely NOT OK. I would feel uncomfortable, or even betrayed. So it was unfair of me to do it to him,” she concluded.

Maricar Reyes Claims ‘Harmless’ Texting is Still Cheating
Photo credit: Facebook / Relationship Matters Ph

Do you agree now with Maricar? So, the next time you chat with someone or exchange text messages, ask yourself how you would feel if your partner is also doing the same thing…

— Danielle Ramos, The Summit Express

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