Ate Vi and Lucky: Lucky to Have Each Other

Mother’s Day is just around the corner – and what better way to honor our moms than to make them happy with the things they want to do? At Puregold, you are Always Panalo with mom!
Ate Vi and Lucky: Lucky to Have Each Other
Photo credit: Puregold

Just in time for Mother’s Day, celebrity mom Vilma ‘Ate Vi’ Santos and her son Luis ‘Lucky’ Manzano show us the secret to their happy life as they enjoy something as simple as going grocery shopping.

The two are well-known celebrities in the Philippines, with Ate Vi sometimes publicly sharing her thoughts on Lucky and his love life – and this endears her to many fans who love how she’s so supportive of her son’s choices without pushing him to do something he doesn’t want to do.

And just like every mom and child out there, these two also love to spend time together; be it through traveling together as their schedule permits or just spending some quality time with the family as they share common interests in music, dancing and even food!

#Kembotify Your Life!

Busy moms like you and me don’t always have the time and resources to bond with our kids like celebrity families do, but did you know that you don’t really have to spend a lot of money on vacations or fancy restaurants so you can bond with your kids?

Ate Vi and Lucky: Lucky to Have Each Other
Photo credit: Puregold

Just like Ate Vi and Lucky, sometimes all it takes is a trip to Puregold to buy your groceries for the week. You always have this choice to turn the boring chore into a fun-filled moment with your child!

Ate Vi loves grocery shopping and dancing – and she’s managed to combine both to make the moment more fun for her and her son. Indeed, you can still be in sync with your children’s lives while incorporating tasks that are normally viewed as chores.

Just like dance moves, you can be in harmony with your children. As simple as it might look, these precious bonding moments could turn out to be something that your children will look forward to in the future, even when they already become adults and have families of their own.

Ate Vi and Lucky: Lucky to Have Each Other
Photo credit: Puregold

Knowing that they are Always Panalo with mom, your kids will know who to turn for ‘salo’ moments in the future because you’ll always be there for them, ready to rescue them in times when they missed a step or two in the dance of life…

For instance, while shooting the video for Puregold’s campaign, there were moments of dance missteps and other bloopers. But Ate Vi and Lucky know these are but part of the process, very much like the fact that life is always unpredictable and that even the best rehearsed and best planned events can have some unexpected moments.

Always Panalo with Mom!

But did you know that just like most moms out there, Ate Vi is also a stage mom and is proud to admit that she’s her son’s biggest fan? In the video, she proudly points to Lucky’s standee at the store, “Anak ko yan!”

Indeed, she’s an icon in the Philippine showbiz industry but with her family, she becomes the most supportive fan! Truly, every kid is Always Panalo with mom…

Puregold’s “Ang Mother’s Day Surprise ni Lucky!” video shows the world that even the simplest things like grocery shopping can make mothers happy!

So, mommies, what are you waiting for? Check out this #ViLucky official video to learn how you can have fun and #Kembotify your life with your kids – even when you’re just out for some grocery shopping or doing something you do on regular basis!

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— Danielle Ramos, The Summit Express

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